You are at the right place at the right time for a right reason …there are no coincidencesin life. The intelligence of the macrocosm is beyond bounds of the average limited finite human mind. However there are exceptions to this and few have been able to decipherthe intricacies and nuances on the art of living.

To seek to understand this very nature of the universe, being one with nature and staying grounded to our roots is the very essence of life. Life coaching at TATVAMASI enables you to unfold yourself and blossom.

TATVAMASI was founded with this initiative on the Shravan Pournami day in Aug 2014. Our life coaches in chennai motivate you to redesign your life.

We work with individuals and organizations to spread the awareness on the glorious scientific, rational and logical heritage of the ancient Indian wisdom in such a way that these messages can be adopted in the modern world.
Our forefathers had the necessary scientific and spiritual solutions to almost every issue that upset the equilibrium or disturbed the harmony of the environment. Our team focuses on imparting these solutions using modern scientific tools.
Conducting international/ national/ regional/ local seminars, study classes, academic level competitions, exhibitions, camps, study tours, are the main aim to fulfill the mission of the Institute.
Undertaking as much service oriented work like serving the poor, old aged, sick, blind, and the under privileged through sevanam samarpanam projects.
Creating an awareness on the benefits of yoga and the subtle life style changes.
Exploring new possibilities and excavating your potential talent.
To guide , mentor and partner with you to connect with your life purpose and pursue your career and family life holistically. To provide periodical feedbacks to create a shift.
Open new horizons and expose you to leadership and management skills.
As a Life Coach advisor besides empathetic counselling the coach identifies ways to improve one’s quality of life in all 8 dimensions to be empowered and attain overall wellness.