Abusive relationship

If any partner in a relationship is being ill-treated or is subject of the other person physical or verbal cruelty, the relationship is said to be abusive. This abusive behaviour can be seen in one or both the partners, which can sometimes be pathological. A relationship becomes abusive through many factors like jealousy, insecurity, intense need for love, terror of being abandoned, low self-esteem, isolation and drug or alcohol abuse.

Progression of abuse

As abuse in a relationship progresses, it may lead to the total control of one partner over the other, and results in the isolation and vulnerability of the other. Such progression usually ends in the destruction of the relationship, where the abuser's needs elevate, and the victim's needs and self-esteem disappear.

Symptoms of abusive relationship

Abusive relationship may have one or more of the following symptoms:

Constant criticism
Dismissal of one person�s needs
Physical violence
Suicide threats
Controlling behaviour

Types of abuse

Physical abuse
Emotional abuse
Sexual abuse

Counseling can address abuse related issues

Expert counselling for abuse in Chennai from qualified counselors in Chennai can address all the issues relating to abuse, imbalanced relationships and partner's irrational behaviours. Counselling by expert psychologists in Chennai can restore your self-esteem and develop healthy relationships. Treatment for abuse in Chennai can be taken by either one or both the partners of an abusive relationship. While Tatvamasi Jnana Ganga is not a therapy center, we can give you more inputs on the subject that may assit you to identify your core issue and enable you to locate the right therapist .