Tatvamasi - Jnana Ganga is a scientific and educational organization dedicated to research and teaching of mind/body empowerment and its integration into all areas of human health. We accomplish these objectives by conducting custom courses for individuals, groups and corporate with focus on overall individual and organizational development, mindful living, scientific spirituality, child, youth, parent development and self-empowerment, various family issues concerning relationships, youth, child psychology, stress management, etc.

Human Relationships - Scientific Basis and Effective management
Human Mind - Inner Engineering and Science of living
Stress management and Relaxation Techniques
Face Reading and Body language Techniques
Handwriting Analysis / Graphology
Personality Development
Human Mind - Inner Dynamics and Effective Management according to Indian culture
Energy Anatomy of Human Body
Advanced Practitioner Program on Human Energy Anatomy and Chakra Centered Therapy
Fundamental Program on Prana and Pranayama
Fundamental Program on Karma and Reincarnation
Therapeutic Yoga
Indian Vaastu Shastra
Indian Numerology
Vedic Astrology
Indian Palmistry

Training Programs

Stress Management & Relaxation Techniques

Program equips participants to understand and apply the principles of, how we react to stress, body awareness, breathing, progressive relaxation, meditation, visualization, applied relaxation training, focusing, facing worry and anxiety, goal setting and time management, work stress management . The program also covers nutrition and science behind eating in detail.

Relationship Dynamics - Scientific Basis and Effective Management

The Program empowers us to understand ourselves and our relationships .Understanding our personality, the personality that involves relationship with ourselves, within the family and with others, common interpersonal problems and skills needed to sustain long term relationships are discussed in great depth.

Human Mind - Inner Engineering and Science of Living

Program debunks the myths of human mind, helps participants to understand the mind in great detail, the connection between mind and brain, the relationship between mind, body & soul. This program empowers the participants to understand the psychology of the mind, developmental stages of a human being, conditioning and influencing factors, and how this greater understanding can help us to live a life that we truly desire on planet earth.

Face Reading & Body Language Techniques

Empowers the student to gain in-depth understanding on the Art of Face Reading & Body Language, acquire academic & practical exposure to practice physiognomy as a science and there by effectively use it in any profession he or she is currently in.

Human Mind - Inner Dynamics and Effective Management according to Indian Culture

A journey through the astonishingly rich heritage of Indian Psychology, the program convincingly spells out the rationale behind memory, recognition, emotions, instincts, reasoning, creativity and a lot more of the mind related phenomena, which so far remain baffling, unanswered questions in modern cognitive sciences, mechanistic psychology and their kindred disciplines. This program systematically unfolds Vedantic Psychology � in its larger effort not only to evolve an integrated perspective on mind, but also to synthesize ancient wisdom with contemporary sciences thereby equipping the participants to gain the greater understanding of life.

Energy Anatomy of Human Body

This course is an introduction to the classical understanding of the human energy body and chakras, which are most simply defined as psychic centers of transformation that enable one to move toward an enlightened state of being. Although the roots of the knowledge about chakras are of ancient origin, this knowledge is still functionally practical today. The program focuses on theory of Human energy anatomy, Anatomy and physiology of human body, detailed practical sessions and training on Chakra Centered Therapy.

Therapeutic Yoga

The program is meant for aspirants who are truly convinced of the power of Hatha Yoga to build strength and confidence, to improve flexibility and balance, and to foster spiritual peace and contentment. And beyond these attributes of Hatha Yoga as a preventive medicine, we also believe in the power of yoga to heal, to aid in recovering from a variety of pathological and psychological conditions.

Indian Vastu Shastra

The principles of Vastu help us live a better life by making amends to the structures we live in. We teach the logical and scientific vastu principles through a well-designed training course. The course offer insights into the vastu shastra for home, offices, factories, educational Institutions and hospitals thereby equipping the student to be an independent vastu consultant.