This is one of the most advanced Chakra Courses in Chennai and elaborates Human Energy Anatomy Program. The Chakra Training in Chennai is spread across 5 days and focuses on theory of Human energy anatomy, Anatomy and physiology of human body, detailed practical sessions and training on Chakra Centered Therapy.

Energy Anatomy of Human Body/Energy System & Subtle Bodies
Philosophy of Prana
Pranas in Detail
Pancha Koshas - The Vital Sheaths
Nadis - The Channels of Prana
Pancha Prana - Pranic Force Fields
The Chakras in Detail

1. Names
2. Meanings of the Names
3. Foundation
4. Location
5. Element (Tattva)
6. Color of the Element
7. (Yantra) of the Element
8. Seed Sound (Bija Mantra) of the Element
9. Color of the Seed Sound
10. (Vahana) of the Seed Sound
11. Number of Petals
12. Color of the Petal
13. Seed Sounds of the Petals
14. Aspects
15. Predominant Sense
16. Sense Organ
17. Work Organ
18. Air (Vayu, Prana)
19. Plane (Loka)
20. Ruling Planet
21. Function & purpose of the chakras in detail
22. Human development cycles in the light of chakra teachings
23. How blockages develop in the chakras
24. Eliminating the blockages
25. How to determine which chakra is blocked
26. Understanding the astrological association of chakras
27. Cleansing & activating the chakras
28. Experiencing nature
29. Sound therapy
30. Color therapy
31. Gemstone therapy
32. Aroma Therapy

Chakra centered meditation - an introduction
Prana & mantra
Pranayama & chakra centric breathing- an introduction
Introduction to hatha yoga
Physical exercises & hands on training on therapy based asanas/postures for releasing blocked energies
Therapeutic asanas for various medical conditions
Origin of mantra sadhana - an introduction
Types of mantras and mantra sadhanas