Anger is a basic, normal and healthy emotion that helps us to survive complex situations. However, if it is not managed well, it can be destructive, out of control and aggressive. When a human being is angry, the heart rate and adrenaline levels are affected. Some people lose control and these anger surges become addictive, which is a cause for concern.

Control on Anger

Many times, people may not have a control on their anger. This could be due to different cultural patterns, family backgrounds or habits. Some other causative factors could be stress, tiredness, hormonal imbalances, and pain. Anger management starts with the re-examining or understanding the thoughts from the anger stressors or triggers

Anger can be a problem when:

It results in a rage
Causes domestic violence
Results in controlling behaviour
Causes explosive and uncontrollable outbursts
Causes depression or anxiety
Causes dependence on drugs or alcohol
Controlling behaviour

Counseling can help anger management

Tatvamasi Jnana Ganga offers professional Counseling for anger management in Chennaito reduce and understand the feelings that anger causes. Cognitive behavioural therapycan help in the management of anger, along with many other forms of counseling. Professional counsellors and psychologists in Chennai can examine the causative factors; help you assess the unhealthy beliefs and habits related to anger and offer Treatment for anger in Chennai. It also helps you understand how anger affects different relationships, and allows you to take responsibility for your own anger. Tatvamasi Jnana Ganga, can assist you in terms of understanding your issues so that you could consult a psychologist in Chennai or Counselor in Chennai for anger management Anger management counselingfrom psychologists or psychotherapists in Chennai can also be sought from prominent hospitals that has a Psychiatric or Psychological division attached to it.

As a scientific and educational organization dedicated to research and teaching of mind/body empowerment and its integration into all areas of human health, Tatvamasi - Jnana Ganga conduct customized programs which equip the participants with the necessary skillsts on anger management.