A bully frightens the other person either physically, verbally or emotionally, through repeated abuse. Bullies make the victims powerless and hurts their feelings significantly. Bully behaviour is very common and occurs in many situations at home, school, or any group situations.

Why do people bully?

Bullies are quite different from their victims and have an inflated sense of self worth. They feel that their needs are far more important than anyone else's. Some people, who feel inadequate, force this feeling on others too. Many times, bullies come from a family where violence and manipulation is considered a normal form of communication.

Seek professional help

Bully behaviour should not be accepted, as there is no explanation for intentionally hurting another person. People, who are being bullied by anyone, should not accept this behaviour. Bully behaviour should be stopped before it causes considerable damage to the victims. Counselling for Bullying in Chennai, Tatvamasi - Jnana Ganga can help bullies understand that their behaviour is unjust, and that they are causing a lot of emotional and physical damage to their victims. Professional psychologists in chennai or psychiatrists in chennai can also help teenagers, adults or children, who have been victimized by bullies, and can be treated for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc which have been caused by persistent bullying.

City centric hospitals with psychological divisions also offer exceptional treatment for Bullying in Chennai that deal with bullying, bullies and the victims.The Indian system of therapy through the practice of yoga, relaxation techniques and biofeedback help in modification and behavioural changes.

As a scientific and educational organization dedicated to research and teaching of mind/body empowerment and its integration into all areas of human health, Tatvamasi - Jnana Ganga conduct customized programs which equip the participants with the necessary skillsts on personality development that would give them sufficient inputs on how to deal with bullying.