What is career counseling

Career counseling by a life coach offers confidential guidance to individuals according to their needs, and helps them decide their possible career choices. People discuss their career plans and discover opportunities by speaking to professional and qualified experts who offer expert advice according to their skills and talents.

How does it work?

Any person, who is not clear about their career choices, can meet the counselor, who asks them various questions about their life plans and career intentions. The expert counsellors also discuss various factors that influence your career decisions and goals. Answers to the questions posed by the counsellors will reveal your career objectives and give you the vision to set personal goals. Such sessions improve your confidence in your ability to pursue a certain career, which suits your individual personality and expectations.

Through career counseling, you can:

Plan your job search
Generate personal plans of action
Create ability portfolio
Recognise your interests, skills and abilities
Investigate various available options

Tatvamasi - Jnana Ganga offers Career Counseling in Chennaifor individuals, where you get a personal analysis done, and all your choices and opportunities are explored. Deal with your issues by talking to professional Career Counselors in Chennaiand know your available choices for a brighter future. Career counseling for aspiring individuals is also available in UAE and Kerala. Independent Career counseling centers in Chennai alos offer unbiased advisory services in this regard. Career counseling services are also available with leading educational institutions in Chennai.

As a scientific and educational organization dedicated to research and teaching of mind/body empowerment and its integration into all areas of human health, Tatvamasi - Jnana Ganga conduct customized career guidance programs which equip the participants with the necessary skillsts to decide and pursue a career of their choice