Chakras Function & Purpose

Chakras act as receivers, transformers and distributors of various forms of Prana. Although ancient texts and traditional writings mention 88,000 chakras, only around 40 chakras can be considered significant. The most important of these are located in the area of the spleen, back of the neck, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The seven primary chakras which are located along a central vertical axis at the front of the body are of great relevance for the functioning of the most important and fundamental aspects of the human body, mind and soul.

The true seat of the seven main chakras is in the ethereal body. They resemble funnel shaped blossoms, each possessing a different number of petals, which is why they are often referred to as lotus blossoms in the East. The petals of the blossoms represent nadis, or energy channels, through which energy is able to flow into the chakras, where it is then conveyed to the subtle bodies. The number of petals, or nadis, ranges from four at the root chakra to nearly a thousand at the crown.

From the deepest point at the center of each chakra blossom, a stem-like channel extends to the spine and merges with it, connecting the chakras with the most important energy channel, the sushumna, which rises up within the spine to the top of the head.

The chakras are constantly in a state of rotation. This is why they are called "Chakra", which in Sanskrit means "Wheel". It is their rotating which attracts energy and draws it in or gives it off, depending on the direction of rotation.

The chakras rotate either to the right (clockwise) or to the left, depending on sex, thus enabling the energies of man and woman to complement each other. This is because the chakras that turn to the right in a man rotate in the opposite direction in a woman, and vice versa. Every clockwise rotation is primarily male, or, in accordance with Chinese teaching, Yang, in nature, meaning that it represents willpower and activity as well the more negative characteristics of aggression and force. Every counter clockwise rotation is female or Yin in nature, and represents receptive�ness and agreement, as well as the more negative characteristic of weakness. The direction in which a chakra rotates varies from chakra to chakra. Knowledge of the rotational direction of the chakras can play an important role in several forms of chakra therapy.

Most people's chakras extend about 4" in all directions from their point of origin. Each of the energy centres contains all colour vibrations, although one particular colour always dominates, corresponding to the primary task of the chakra. With the advancing development of a person, the chakras extend out further and the frequency of their vibrations increases. Additionally, their colours also become clearer and brighter. The size and vibration rate of the chakras determine the amount and quality of the energies they are able to absorb from various sources. These are energies that come to us from the cosmos, the stars and nature, from all things and people in our environment, our different subtle bodies and the non-manifest basis of all being. These energies partially reach the chakras via the nadis, but they also flow into them directly.

The chakras also take up direct vibrations from the environment when these correspond to their individual frequencies. By acting as antennas for the entire range of energy vibrations, they connect us with what is going On in our environment, in nature and in the universe. Thus the chakras can be seen as subtle sensory organs. Our physical body, equipped as it is with senses, is a vehicle adjusted to the laws of life on our planet. It enables us to find our way in the outer aspects of life, while helping us to realize and put to use our inner values as well as the knowledge gained on this earth. In this respect, the chakras act as receivers of the energy vibrations and information transcending the physical realm. They are the openings that connect us with the unlimited world of subtle energies.

The chakras also radiate energy directly into our environment and thus change the atmosphere in our vicinity. Through the chakras we can send out healing vibrations as well as conscious or subconscious messages that influence people, situations and even matter, both in a positive and in a negative sense.

In order to experience wholeness and the creativity, knowledge, strength, love and bliss this entails, the chakras have to be open and work together harmoniously. This is the case with very few people. As a rule, the individual chakras are activated at different degrees, especially the two lower ones. Indeed, in persons of prominent social standing or holding a position of great influence, the solar plexus chakra is often disproportionally active. At the same time, there also exists every conceivable combination of open, blocked or one-sidedly active chakras. These states also undergo change during the course of a lifetime, since basic themes are always moving to the foreground and withdrawing again. For this reason, knowledge of the chakras can be of immeasurable help in getting to know yourself, can guide you in the realization of your inherent potential and enable you to live a life full of abundance and joy.

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