Alternative Therapies - Types of Chakra Therapy

Chakra Breathing Techniques

From Sanskrit writings we know of the term Prana, which has been translated as respiration, breath or universal cosmic energy. These varying translations describe the different levels of breathing. Through breathing we are in fact in contact with the all-permeating life force, without which there would be no Creation as we know it. Here we become conscious of the dimensions of respiration; a process which is taken for granted yet which is of universal significance.Popular pranic healers in Chennai second this view

Breathing carried out in a certain set and conscious way obviously enhances the healing and harmonizing effects of the vital energy contained in the air. One could go so far as to say that through consciousness we unlock and benefit from certain energy frequencies in the air. In accordance, subtly graded breathing techniques have been developed over the ages, and are highly esteemed in practically all spiritual and health-conscious circles. When we deliberately direct our consciousness to our breathing, we can bring about enormously positive effects. The influence that breathing can have on the chakras also has a long tradition, so it is understandable that many special techniques have also been developed in this area as alternative therapies. A qualified energy healer, pranic healer or chakra healer or therapist can teach you various effective chakra breathing methods which can be practised at home by anyone for natural healing.

Being with Nature

Nature offers abundant possibilities for cleansing, balancing and stimulating the chakras. A good therapist can guide you to become aware of the effect a particular nature experience is having on the corresponding chakra, gently direct your attention to it and surrender to all the sensations or feelings that may arise within you. They are an expression of the purifying and stimulating effect that nature is having on the chakra in question. An expert energy healer or chakra balancing therapist will teach you how to balance chakras and be one with nature. A Pranic healer can work with you on this aspect as well.

Sound Therapy:

Sound consists of audible vibrations. Modern science has confirmed what the mystics and wise men of old cultures knew and applied as a means of harmonizing, healing and expanding human consciousness: namely that life basically consists of sound. It brought forth human being and life on earth and maintains them in their existence.

Scientific findings confirm that all the particles in the universe, all forms of radiation, all natural forces and all information are determined by musical structures, frequencies and patterns and the high tones of their specific vibrations. Music is a vital energy which penetrates all forms of manifestation, energy strong enough to maintain and renew life. We can use it to attain unity with the life forces working in the innermost core of all things, thus bringing our energies into harmony with the life in the universe.

A good therapist or an expert in Chakra healing can work with different kinds of sounds and music to activate, cleanse or energise the chakras that require healing. Chennai provdes a great chocie of pranic healing centers with rpeuted pranic healers who are expers on this topic.

Colour Therapy:

Colours are sounds made visible and in order to perceive them nature created eyes as a medium.. Colours exert a powerful influence on us through their specific vibrations (wavelengths or frequencies) regardless of whether we are conscious of this fact or not. It is therefore only logical and natural to put colours to conscious use through color therapy. Colour vibrations can influence us through the seven chakras in a very special manner. Essentially by now we know that one colour of the spectrum is assigned to each energy centre of our body. In therapeutic practice, a special colour therapy lamp is used to direct specific colours with optimal wavelengths/frequencies to different energy centres of our body to bring about the desired result.

Gemstone Therapy

Gemstones are suited for chakra therapy in a very special way. Created out of elements of mother earth, they connect us with the protecting, fortifying and nourishing energy of this earth. They bear light in its purest and most natural colours and transmit cosmic characteristics and energy. They attract and channel the forces of both the sky and earth and radiate them out into the world.. Their crystalline structure reflects principles of order that establish contact between us and the cosmic order as well as harmonising influence on the body and soul.

When you carry a gemstone on your person a fine resonance of vibrations sets up within you. All the inner powers and characteristics within you which are blocked, buried or distorted will answer to the vibrations of the gemstones and thus be awakened and revived to their original form.

Aroma Therapy

As in the case of many other methods of natural healing, the use of aromas has been rediscovered as a form of natural healing therapy and is now the subject of a great deal of interest.

The essential beings of plants, each with its own individual characteristics and message, seeks to serve us - with their colours, their active substances and their fragrances - to enhance our health, provide us with joy and expand consciousness. By extending their roots deep into the earth and their leaves up towards the light, they take in earthly and celestial energies which they then transform into beauty, colour and scent before passing them on to us. The aromatic essences of plants consist of their innermost being in unspoiled purity, prepared to radiate out generously when the proper moment is at hand. Their fragrant scents combine with the energies of the soul and bring about processes of transformation within our various energy centres. The subtle ethereal substances of flowers and plants touch the energy body of human beings, the seat of the chakras, and unfold their healing, harmonizing energies.


Literally translated, Yoga means "Yoke", which implies harnessing oneself to the Divine with the intention of uniting with it. Every way leading to such a union can be called Yoga, and all forms can be undertaken at various levels. In this sense the term Yoga apples to most forms of meditation. There are different forms of yoga that have been assigned to each energy center. They revitalize the chakra in question in a special way, namely by achieving the union that all forms of Yoga strive for. If you wish to practise Yoga or meditation, then it should be learned from a qualified teacher if their full potential is to be attained. A good yoga therapist can teach you highly effective techniques of purifying and harmonizing the entire chakra system.

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