Counselling and yoga – listening is a skill. The word listen contains the same letters as silent. The psychotherapist listens intently to the outpouring of a client attending not just to the words but to the feelings. This is a cathartic and therapeutic process and is highly confidential. The Goals of the life coach in counselling can include honing new skills, addressing difficult emotions and states of dis-ease like depression,anxiety, fear, guilt and their root cause.

Remedial measures applied from the Indian system through the pratcise of yoga help the client recuperate and reach a state of wellness.

Counseling is the process of guiding and assisting clients by a professionally trained person on a professional basis, to help in the resolution of social, personal or psychological problems and difficulties. During the process of counseling, the client and the counselor, explore the stressful and emotional distresses, a client is undergoing.

Counseling is a helpful act, where the client is assisted to see things more clearly, through a different perspective. The best counselors in Chennai or counseling doctors in Chennai help the client understand and focus on their feelings, behaviour or experience, in order to facilitate a positive change. Counseling is based on the relationship of trust between the client and the counselor. Confidentiality is given utmost importance in successful counseling.

Characteristics of Effective counseling

Counseling is kwown as the application of psychological, mental health or human development principles through various systemic, behavioural, cognitive intervention strategies. These effective strategies address wellness, personal or career growth, along with a little of pathology. Counseling helps people make various changes to their personal life through proper guidance. Effective counseling is possible when both the person receiving the counseling and the counselor make equal cooperative effort. To make difficult changes in thinking patterns or behavioural patterns, it takes a lot of commitment.

For counseling to be effective, and to achieve what you expect, talk with your counselor clearly, before you begin counseling. At the start of the counseling process, the counselor and the client should discuss realistic time frames, agree on the required goals, and make strategic measurement of the progress regularly. A good relationship between you and your counselor, helps you to be completely honest with your feelings and thoughts. The right attitude and chemistry between the both of you makes way for a comfortable session. If you like your counselor’s approach, personality and style, you can be more open and feel free to talk. Always continue only with a counselor, who you feel comfortable with, to get good results.

The right relationship counselors in Chennaistrive for an effective relationship, so that you can make the desired changes in your life. An effective counselor works towards identifying the obstacles in your way, and how they can be overcome. At Tatvamasi - Jnana Ganga, the counselors are professionally trained and have immense experience in various fields of psychological and other forms of counseling. They teach you the best coping mechanisms, to help you foster your well being in the most difficult of situations.

If you are fostering any negative thinking patterns, a good and effective counseling session should help you identify those, which can cause the feelings of depression, sadness and anxiety. Effective counselors encourage you to work on your personal strengths and suggest the best skills to identify and overcome the self-inflicted feelings of helplessness. Deep and thoroughly organized counseling sessions can help you develop and nurture a positive attitude towards your life and the way you look at others.

Effective Counselling and life coaching in Chennai assists you in making positive changes in your relationships, and helps you recognise and overcome the behaviors, which contribute towards a troublesome relationship. You learn the most effective ways of communication, and ways to tackle people who cause you emotional pain through Relationship Counselling Chennai. As you go through an effective counseling session,based on the eastern and Indian philosophy you will be able to determine insights about your thoughts and behaviours, which you were not able to do before. You will be able to recognize patterns of your actions, and trace their sources to identify the happiness blocks, which you have unintentionally created. Effective Family Counselling Services encourages and empowers personal growth, along with creating life-affirming relationships, control of your life, and a positive life attitude.