Couples counselingis a process where the differences and problems in a relationship or marriage are addressed. The therapist deals with the relationship between the individuals rather than the individuals themselves. The therapist recognises the troublesome differences, and the repeating patterns of distress in a relationship, and offer counseling services to reconcile. Couples counseling involves dealing with intractable problems with a relationship history, and the methods used to reconcile can differ from counselor to counselor.

Marriage is one of the closest relationships, where the couple co-habits and a lot of it is based on trust and intimacy. When such an intimate relationship suffers, or stops working, the couple’s health and happiness is at stake. When the foundations of the relationship are questioned, despair strikes and the couple lose a sense of identity and self-worth.

Couples may need counseling when their relationship suffers due to the external factors like work, money, health, and family pressures. The relationship, which was so blissful, suddenly leaves the couple distressed, drained and disappointed. Suddenly, the couple starts blaming each other for small issues, and their love seems to be lost.

Our experts who offer Couples Counseling in Chennai, based on the Indian value system and culture first understand the basics of the relationship, and then recognize the traits of each person. Every individual that seeks counseling may be adhering to different value systems. They may be bound by various institutional and societal variables. The counselor will first understand these dynamics and then offer the perfect conflict resolution through this vast knowledge and skill.

Almost every relationship will go through some stress, at some point of time, which may sometimes result in non-optimal functioning of that relationship. There may be many self-reinforcing and maladaptive patterns, which are a result of insecure attachment, ego, jealousy, anger, arrogance, greed, poor communication, lack of problem solving skills, third parties, and ill health. Many other factors like changes in financial status, influence of other family members and physical health may also have profound influence on a relationship, or the individuals.

The influences in a relationship are almost always reciprocal. Any relationship that fails is usually because of the actions of both the individuals, rather than just one person. Issues in a relationship also surface due to the interaction of two or more factors influencing that particular relationship. The best solution to such problems is to reorient the perceptions and emotions of the couple in the relationship. The counselor explores these issues in collaboration with the couple and discusses them openly. Usually in a relationship, both the individuals need to take equal responsibility for the awareness of the problem and their contribution towards it. They need to make certain fundamental changes in feeling and thought towards resolving that particular problem. The counselor helps them to adopt structural and conscious changes to their inter-personal relationships, and helps them to evaluate these changes, and their effectiveness over a period of time.

The best counselors in Chennaiuse the Indian system to bringing about lifestyle changes.use the most researched approaches to treat couples in distress and offer Family Counselling in Chennai. One of the most commonly used therapies is the behavioural ‘couples therapy’. This therapy is one of the best treatments used for marital discord. This therapy has evolved a lot in the recent times, and is now called the integrative couples therapy. The most important function of a licensed couple’s therapist is to listen, understand, respect and facilitate better functioning between the two people. If you are looking for Couples Counselling in Chennai, then TATAVAMASI Center is the right choice. JNANA GANGA offers Marital counselling in Chennaifrom the best psychologist in Chennai. These services for couples are also offered in UAE and Kerala.