Counselling For Depression

The feeling of depression or being sad, may happen to all of us, at some point of time in life. However, this sensation usually passes, and doesn’t stay on. If this state of being starts interfering with the daily life, then such people may be suffering for depressive disorder or clinical depression. People may lose interest the activities which usually give them pleasure, lose appetite or overeat, have problems concentrating or remembering details, may attempt or contemplate suicide, etc, if they are suffering from depression. Depression may also be defined as a state of low mood or aversion to activity, which can affect the person’s thoughts, feelings, behaviour and the sense of well-being. Other symptoms may include insomnia, fatigue, loss of energy, excessive sleep, pains, aches, and digestive problems.

Depression may not always be a psychiatric disorder. This mood may be a normal reaction to certain events in life, a symptom of certain medical conditions, or a side effect of certain medical treatments or drugs. Depression may lead to certain physical and emotional problems. It can affect the way a person thinks, feels or behaves. People with depression may find it very difficult to carry on with their daily activities and may also feel that their life is not worth living.

Through the effective modules of the Indian system of alternative therapies mood alteration through exercise, counselling and lifestyle changes bring about a marked influence on the patient.

Signs of depression:

The signs or symptoms of depression may not be uniform among all the people. Some may experience certain symptoms, which may not be experienced by the others at all. The severity and the period of depression may depend upon the cause of the depression in that particular individual. Some of the most common symptoms are:

A feeling of hopelessness
Feeling of pessimism
Constant feeling of anxiety, sadness and emptiness
Loss in interest in hobbies or other pleasurable activities
Low energy levels and fatigue
Face difficulty in making decisions
Disturbed sleep patterns
Change in eating habits- may eat very less or too much
Constant complaints of aches, pains, cramps or digestive problems

Many of these physical problems do not show improvement with treatment, if they are associated with depression. Depression, even in its most severe form is definitely treatable. The sooner the treatment, the more effective it can be. Research has also shown that the chances of recurrence can be significantly reduced through prompt treatment.

Mental health experts usually do a series of tests and a diagnostic evaluable to understand your particular case of depression. Treatment is also offered based on your diagnosis and the understanding of the causative factors. The most common methods of treating depression are psychotherapy or drugs. The best therapists in Chennai offer comprehensive treatment based on your symptoms, and their severity. The therapists also understand your family history and know the details of any imminent causative factors.

The therapist talks either one-on-one to the patient, or in a group, based on the requirement and shows the patient a way to look more deeply into his/her worries or problems. Psychotherapy or counseling for depression in Chennaimay sometimes include art, drama, music and movement depending upon the particular case. The patient usually discusses his/her feelings, with their therapist. The aim of the psychotherapist is to improve the mental health of the patient, by using a wide range of techniques. These are based on experiential relationship building, communication, dialogue, change in behaviour etc. The duration of psychotherapy for depression may last from ten to twenty weeks or much longer depending on the severity. Many therapists use either cognitive behavioural therapy or interpersonal therapy for the treatment of depression in Chennai. In cases of major depression, a combination of psychotherapy and medication usually is more effective. Expert counseling for depressionfrom JNANA GANGA are also available in UAE and Kerala.