Foreign Energy Dynamics - Effects of Possession

Physical symptoms ranges from sever fatigue, exhaustion, pains, most frequently headaches, including migraines, PMS with edema (water retention), cramping, chronic pain in joints, lack of energy, insomnia, obesity with resultant hyperten­sion, asthma and allergies, etc. But it is imperative if you experience a physical problem to consult your family physician. Depossession should not be a substitute for good medical care

Mental Problems can be lack of concentration, frequent memory problems etc

Emotions are always affected when there is possession. Confusion, Anxi­ety, fears and phobias are traceable in many cases. Depression is a prevalent symptom.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a prevalent symptom.

Relationships can really suffer as a result of possession depending on the extent of influence

Sexual problems such as developing sudden disinterest or low drive or vice versa on a consistent basis, suddenly developed drive for homosexuality or a violent craving for sex has been symptoms.