The Energy System and the Subtle Bodies

Most people consider that human existence is confined to only material world and the physical body. However our ancients texts (Vedas, Upanishads and various books on Yoga and Tantra) has mentioned in detail about the various energy structures, energy movements and shapes and colours within and around the physical body. These are the basis for alternative therapies like chakra healing, pranik healing, color therapy and natural healing through bio-energy.

Psychics or experts with a sensitized eye can perceive these energy structures and movements in and around the physical body. These energies can attribute greatly to the alternative therapies that yield wonderful results.

Should you be someone who still only accepts the material body as reality, please consider what happens to the energy, the vital force which lends life to the physical body and provides it with sensations and means of expression when that body dies. The law of physics states that energy is never lost in the universe, it is merely transformed. The power at work behind the body's material appearance with all its functions and capabi­lities consists of a complex energy system without which the physical body could not exist. This system of energy consists of three basic components

The Subtle bodies or Energy bodies
The Chakras or Energy centres
The Nadis or Energy channels

While the Nadis represent a subtle network of arteries and transports the "Prana" or vital energy throughout the human being's subtle energy system, the Chakras on the other hand acts as receivers, transformers and distributors of various forms of Prana. Through the nadis the chakras take up vital energy from man's subtle energy bodies, his surroundings, the cosmos and the basis of all manifestation, and transform them into the frequencies needed by the various areas of the physical or subtle bodies for their sustenance and development. Beyond this they give off energy into their surroundings and maintain a chakra balancing. By means of this energy system the human being is therefore in a state of continual exchange with the powers at work at diverse levels of the environment, the universe, and Creation.

The Chakras operate in close interaction with the 4 Energy bodies and they are:-

The Ethereal body
The Astral or Emotional body
The Mental body
The Spiritual or Causative body

Each of these bodies resembles a dance of energies within its indivi¬dual frequency range, and as the human being advances in development, the respective frequencies rise accordingly. These bodies are the bearers of consciousness at their levels of vibration. When their vibrational fre¬quency rises, they provide the human being with higher forms of vital energy, sensations and awareness. The various energy bodies are not separate from one another. They pervade each other while continuing to vibrate in their individual fre-quency range. These energy bodies help in the energy healing process provided by the chakra healing techniques.

The ethereal body resembles the physical body in shape and dimension and is therefore sometimes called the "Ethereal twin" or "Inner physical body". It is the bearer of the powers that shape the physical bodies, the vital, creative energy of life, and all physical sensations.

The astral body, also known as the emotional body, is the carrier of feelings, emotions and character traits. It occupies about the same space as the physical body. The aura of the astral body has an oval form and may extend several yards beyond and around the person. Every change in emotions is radiated out into the aura by the astral body. This takes place primarily through the chakras and to a small extent through the pores. The emotional aura is constantly in motion.

Our thoughts, ideas and our rational and intuitive perceptions are borne by the mental body. Its vibrations are higher than those of the ethereal and astral bodies and its structure is less dense. Its oval in shape and as the person advances to a higher plane, its volume may increase to the point where it takes as much space as the astral and the emotional aura combined. The aura radiation of the mental body exceeds these by several yards.

The spiritual body, often referred to as the causative body, possesses the highest vibration frequency of all the energy bodies. In human beings who are not yet highly conscious on the spiritual plane, its aura only extends to about a yard from the physical body. The spiritual aura of a totally awakened person can radiate outward for miles with the original oval shape changing to a perfect circle.

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