Foreign Energy Dynamics - Foreign Energy Possession

Is it possible that a disembodied "Spirit" or "Foreign entity" or an "External energy particle" can influence the mind of a living human being in such a way as to cause that person disturbances in terms of consciousness and behavior?

Despite the fact that psychology and medicine by and large have dismissed this possibility as unworthy of serious consideration, human beings from many cultures, and over a period of thousands of years, have insisted that it is a reality.

While our objective here is not to prove whether "Possession" is ultimately "Real" or not, we do know as a fact that many psychiatrists, have encountered few troubling cases in which the patients involved seemed to be suffering from some alteration in con­sciousness which did not seem to fit within the defined category of mental illness known to them, and yet which resembled the description of "Possession" found in medieval literature. Secondly, it is fairly clear that persons who are treated as though they were suffering from a "Possessing entity" sometimes reported dramatic resolution of their symptoms after these procedures. Obviously, while neither of these facts necessarily implies that possession is "Real" in a factual sense, but together they do suggest that certain cases are very unusual and established ways of treatment might need some introspection or innovation. We may be dealing here with an unusual variety of human consciousness which is distinct from mental illness but still haven't earned a factual medical definition yet.

However, our understanding of these external energies are very different from what you would have seen in an animated or actual ghost movie nor read and experienced through a mind chilling horror novel. We believe these energies are nothing but minute bubbles of energy or thought particles that either get attached to the human aura or would have found their way inside via cracks in a weakened aura. These bubbles try and hide there since they are in a very confused state and most of the times traumatized due to their past experiences. How can a minute "Thought" or "Energy bubble" do any harm to a human being when these bubbles themselves are in a state that require help? All that they can do is to project thoughts. Most of the times it's the human being who is governed by his own free will, and is also governed by his own insecurities and fears acts in a manner that defies his own life plan.

Hence the next time you watch a horror movie or read a spine chilling horror novel sit back and relax. Its only the fears and insecurities of your own mind that's projecting this thought of fear and that has no connection with the thought forms of energy bubbles that stays in the universe, whether it's in a fragmented thought form of a dead person or of a person who's alive they require more help and assistance then we human beings. Hence in cases related to foreign energies or entities the healing or therapy is done for the helpless, confused and traumatized entity and not the host.