The study of handwriting is referred to as Graphology. It is also regarded as Brain Writing. This expressive action reveals the whole personality. By the time you have become adult all our experiences twists and turns, ups and downs high and lows of life are reflected in our handwriting . A small piece of writing on a piece of paper can reveal a person's unique and individual expression of inner self. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to identify the gender or predict the future from a handwriting sample.

Different writing characteristics are called handwriting indicators or writing traits. Examples of size, slant, pressure, baseline, connection of letters and words, margins on the page and envelope, the three zones and the signature. Many organizations use graphology to determine a job applicant's suitability and for legal means of screening employees.

Handwriting is a product of mind and body, because it's composed of thoughts expressed on paper with the physical movements controlled by brain, but using the muscles of the hand. This is influenced by our feelings, our moods, emotions and reactions to whatever is going on in our lives at that time.

Whether we are depressed, worried, angry or optimistic they all have a bearing on the way we write. Our innermost personality is shown at the time of writing.

Handwriting represents the way you feel inside and the personal signature represents the public image that you want to project. The variations will reflect big difference between private and public self

An ideal writing sample is written in ink on unlined paper and should be signed by the writer

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