Foreign Energy Dynamics - Historical Mentions

In this twenty first century, many may consider it superstitious to believe that spirits of the dead can have an effect among the living. This is particularly true now, since most scientists are committed to finding biological causes for nearly all human disease, mental as well as physical. However, a brief glance at the literature reveals that throughout history people frequently have attributed the roots of much ill­ness to possessing spirits and many different rituals have been used to exorcise them.

These are more than thirty quotes we have found in the Bible of Jesus exorcising spirits.

Even before the birth of Christianity, the ancient Greeks and Romans held well-established beliefs about the so-called dead and their effects on people.

While there has always been various viewpoints regarding the nature of possession, certain cultures had strong views on where possess­ing spirits originated, and why they interfered with people's lives. The Chinese firmly believed in the reincarnation theory and had been practicing ancestor worship that goes back more than ten thousand years. The Japanese, too, have practiced ancestor worship and be­lieved in earthbound spirits. The ancient Egyptians also believed that the livings were af­fected by the dead, especially the spirits of people who were mistreated or dishonored after death. The ancient tombs are testimonies to their elaborate belief-system that life continues after death. Bodies were mummified so that they could be used again; the inner organs carefully preserved with herbs and con­coctions in burial jars for the same purpose. The tombs were repositories of household articles, food, seeds, animals, and servants to continue their way of life. Even wives were sealed alive in the tombs to accompany the deceased on their journeys in the underworld.

Several patients-during hypnotic regressions-have traced current problems, such as claustrophobia and fear of the dark, to being buried alive in these tombs. They remembered their terror as they watched the torches diminish and experienced their breathing becoming more strained before their deaths from suffocation.

Vedic View and Reincarnation

One of the most highly developed philosophies of the spirit world and its relation to living people comes from Asia. The ancient religion of India-based on the Vedas, which are Holy Scriptures-was the forerunner of modem Hinduism and Bud­dhism, which millions still practice today.

Indian scholars perceived humans as having at least seven different "Bodies" or "Vehicles" only the lowest of which is physical. The rest are nonphysical and invisible to ordinary human sight. These bodies correspond to different planes or levels of reality, and each is finer-vibrating at a higher fre­quency-than the ones below it.

The body nearest to the physical is known as the etheric, and is the most dense-in terms of its vibrations of the invisible bodies. On occasion, it can be seen by those with psychic sight-clairvoyants. It is shaped exactly like the physical body, and actually is a duplicate of it. Interpenetrating with the physi­cal body, it controls its health and extends a few inches beyond it.

The next higher vehicle is the astral or emotional body, which interpenetrates both the physical and etheric bodies, extending several inches beyond them, forming an oval of coloured lights. Since it controls the emotional aspects of human beings, it is perceived as constantly changing, resonating to the emotions of the person.

The mental body is even finer in its vibrations than the astral.

It also interpenetrates the others, and contributes to the expanded aura.

An even more refined vehicle is the spiritual body. Residing outside of the individual on the spiritual plane, it is nonetheless part of our being.

Esoteric teachings discuss still higher bodies, like the causal (one of the fastest-vibrating spiritual vehicles). The Indian theory, based on the writings of ancient scholars, is that there is an entire world, the astral plane that exists between the physical and the highest spiritual worlds. It is not a place, but rather an incalculable number of planes, sub planes, and divisions of sub planes, which rise in a gradually ascending scale, as a result of the increasing frequency of vibratory rate.

The lower astral plane is the world of earthbound spirits. In the higher planes of the astral world reside the spiritually evolved entities that are known as guides, masters or teachers.

It is believed that living human beings often "Travel" in their astral bodies to the astral plane during sleep, in certain trance states, and deliberately, by willing a part of themselves to leave the physical body. The latter is referred to as "Astral projection" or "Out-of-body experiences".