Say Hypnotism and the common person’s first reaction is either fear or fascination. There is nothing to fear about, but many things to be fascinated about. You cannot be Hypnotized unless you are willing to be, and you will not do things that you do not want to do. Under Hypnotism, you are not in semi-sleep but in a hyper-attentive one. However, Hypnotism can be used to work on yourself, to become a better and more effective person that you are.

Though history of medicine traces Hypnotism back to late 1700, when Franz Mesmer chanced upon it, and wrongly ascribed it to body magnetism, Hypnotism gained currency in the medical world only in the 1950s.In fact, the first doctor to try and practice it was James Braid, the Scottish doctor and surgeon in the late 1800s. Braid adopted the term "Hypnotism" as an abbreviation for "Neuro-Hypnotism" or nervous sleep (that is, sleep of the nerves), in his lectures of and it is from his influential work that others derived the term "Hypnosis" in the 1880s.Braid is regarded by many as the first genuine "Hypnotherapist" and the "Father of Modern Hypnotism

Hypnosisis a small puzzle inside a greater puzzle called the human mind. Though a Scientific definition of Hypnotism is yet to be arrived at, and it is doubtful whether it would be done so in the near future, psychiatrists in Chennaihave constructed a working model of the Hypnotic process, and understand the general character of Hypnosis. Under Hypnosis, a person is in a kind of trance, relaxed with heightened imagination and extremely suggestible. Remember, that person under Hypnosis is not sleeping or dreaming. He is aware of things around him, and is aware of what is being suggested to him. Only that his defenses are relaxed, and is willing to do what he would normally hesitate to do.

How it would be to be under Hypnosis

The state of being in Hypnosis is not new to you. Many a time you have Hypnotized yourself while reading an interesting book or watching a movie or on a long drive. Your mind has been lulled into an even tenor of thought, and for a time, you forgot your external world, yet negotiating through it. In Hypnosis under a trained Hypnotist, your mind is not distracted but made to focus under a condition of relaxed defenses. You are in a state between wakefulness and dream. This is a state you have got into intentionally. The term Hypno in Hypnosis is derived from the Greek word Hypnos meaning ‘Sleep’.