Infertility can bring in a lot of emotional stress, which invades our personal life. As we grow up with an idea that we can create our own descendents, and not being able to fulfil that desire can cause a lot of despair and distress. A sense of fulfilment and worth can be lost when we are not able to have a family. Unable to reproduce can cause emotionally charged situations, which are associated with emotional struggles, anxiety, stress, and social struggles. A feeling that your body is not working in your favor can cause a painful realization that there is loss of dreams and hopes, loss of positive self-image, loss of control and a loss of a connectedness feeling to oneself.

The experience of infertility is not visible on the outside to others, which can lead to being isolated from friends and family. Many people find it difficult to accept that they are not able to conceive and seek external help. At JNANA GANGA we understand and recognise that such emotional distress can cause a lot of trauma, and our professional counselors in Chennai can help couples cope with this situation. Counseling for infertility is a process where either individuals or couples are given an opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, to get a better understanding of their present situation.

Causes of infertility

There are no definitive causes for infertility. It could be due to the problems with either the males or females, or due to some indescribable circumstances.

Infertility in women could be due to:

Early menopause
Thyroid problems
Polycystic ovary syndrome
Chronic long term illness
Cushings syndrome
Issues with the fallopian tubes or the womb
Pelvic inflammatory disease

Infertility in males could be due to:

Low sperm count
Low sperm mobility
Abnormal sperm
Ejaculation disorders
Problems in the testicles

Certain factors that influence infertility in both sexes could be:

Weight gain

To deal with unstable emotions and the heightened sensitivities of the couple the counsellors in chennai talk to the couple compassionately ,listening with an attitude of warmth and friendship . The counsellor is aware of the Indian family belief systems and traditions and advises accordingly.

When to seek help from a counselor?

If a couple is facing difficulty in conceiving, the first question that comes to their mind is 'how long does it take to get pregnant?' As there is no particular answer to this, as there is no set time that a couple can become pregnant. For some the process may take a very short time, but for others, it may take longer. The longer time it takes, the more easily frustration, anxiety and fear develop. Once the couple take their medical practitioner's advice for conceiving, and try for a nominal period of time, they can go for the suggested treatments and changes in lifestyle.

As infertility can cause a stressful impact on the relationships, it results in isolation, and lack of communication between the couple. Their closeness can be hampered due to the profound sense of loss and grief. Infertility may cause a sense of denial, shock, guilt, fear, and a feeling of abandonment in the partner. Due to infertility women and men start questioning their sexual abilities.

If infertility is causing a great deal of stress in the relationship, couples should find a way to express their feeling of sadness, loss, anger and grief. If there is ample support from family and friends, they can understand the situation and offer to help. However, if this is not helping, couples can opt for professional counseling services in Chennai. Talking to the experts can open up the channels of communication, and the couple gets to understand how to plan their course of action. Expert counselors in Chennai can help the couples in distress due to infertility and show them that there is no need to abandon the will the will to live happily. Couples can find a sense of worth after talking to the expert counselors and find ways to be happy in their relationships.