Past Life Therapy - karma

The idea behind past life, reincarnation and the continuity of the individual souls in various bodies is the law of Karma. Whatever we do comes back to us. Do good, good returns. Do bad, bad returns. Be indifferent, life is indifferent to you. The word Karma means action. It does not mean the mere actions of the hand, limbs or the body. It brings within its ken, the actions of the heart, of the intellect and of your will. The body is a field where the soul works its Karma. The Sanskrit word for field is kshetra. A kshetra is a junction of physical, emotional, intellectual and psychic energies. A person who has, by dint of spiritual and sacred insight or by grace, become a master of his kshetra, becomes a kshethragna - the knower of the field.

While a good physician will tell you how the body works, and what is wrong with the body when you are not well, a good spiritual doctor, or master, or a shaman or a good hypnotherapist of past life can tell you how the field works or what is wrong with you now. At JNANA GANGA we offer the services of some of the past life regression therapists in Chennai, who can help you, understand your field and Karma.

For most people, there is no coordination between their body, mind and heart. Conflicting emotions, thoughts and impulses often split them. The driving force behind the body-mind-emotions-impulses is the memory traces. Understand the power of your memory traces with the help of the past life regression therapists in Chennai and try to sort out the issues bothering you or your life. These past life regression therapists employ the best past life therapy and guide towards an enriched life. A powerful past life therapy in Chennai can sometimes transform the overall course of your life.