Hypnotherapy - Layers of Human Mind

We experience many layers of consciousness. We are awake during the day, sometimes we daydream and do not even know what is happening around us even while we are awake; we go to bed, and before we go to deep sleep, we dream. If you are a bit alert, you will even notice that within you, there are so many Is. At home you have one I, at work you have another I, and with your spouse the I is totally different from the I that you had been talking to your client.

Understanding the complexities of different layers of human mind will help in the correct manifestation of hypnosis techniques. Hypnotherapists understand the uniqueness of each layer and try to gain control over the thoughts, which can help in various healing procedures.

The Conscious mind

The range of the conscious mind is very limited. It can focus only on the immediate present and on the things around you now. It enables you to think logically, and enables you to remember what you have been doing now or recently. It helps you navigate the world you are aware of right now. You can think of the problems you now face, think of the words you would like to use when you speak or pay focused attention to something that catches your eye or interest.

The Sub-conscious mind

As the word sub indicates, it is under your conscious mind. It is behind-the-stage ware house of thoughts, impressions, feeling and emotions that you are not aware of. When you are in it, you are so overwhelmed, that your identity seems to dissolve. Have you remembered your name or address in any of your dreams unless they were part of the dream? Were you aware that you were sleeping or dreaming when you were dreaming?

However, the subconscious mind is a useful state for it helps you synthesize and integrate the information you receive. It helps you do all the daily activities such as driving your car or walking to your office while you can think about other pressing things. It saves a lot of energy which you would have otherwise spent on just existing. Do you wrack your brains to remember the name of your fourth grade teacher when you meet her now on the street?

However, the subconscious mind can harass you, particularly, when the memories you carry deep within you are not pleasant. The traces of memories can recur as nightmares or embarrassing dreams. The subconscious material can also color your reaction and feeling towards your present reality that may actually be friendly and harmless to you. Above all the subconscious can greatly influence your sense of well-being.

The Unconscious mind

Not much is known about this part of the mind, nor is it possible or feasible to know. Opinions differ from people to people, from expert to expert as to what constitutes the unconscious mind. Does it carry memories right from the creation of the first soul fragment? Does it carry memories from existence prior to our advent in this world? Is it a repository of all knowledge, holding the collective mind within it? Opinions differ.

Hypnotists in Chennaiunderstand that human mind has several complex layers that need deep understanding, which help them to perform the best hypnosis therapies with expertise.