Low Self Confidence

Self-confidence is an attitude that allows an individual to have positive and realistic views about themselves and the situations they are in. People with self confidence trust their abilities and generally have a sense of control over their lives. They believe that they will be able to do what they plan, wish and expect to. Self confidence gives you a feeling of security, even if their expectations are not met. They continue to feel positive and accept all types of circumstances they are in.

People with low self-confidence depend upon others excessively for approval and even to feel good about themselves. They avoid taking risk and fear failure. They do not expect success in whatever they do and put themselves down often. They do not take the compliments paid to them seriously. Self-confidence encompasses many difference factors and pervades over all aspects of a person's life. Some individuals may feel confident in certain fields of life, while they are not at all confident in other areas. Self confidence can be extremely beneficial in life, relationships, career, general state of mind and social life.

Self-confidence and self-esteem differ from each other.

The terms self-confidence and self-esteem are interchangeably used, but they differ in their traits and potential. Confidence is a feeling or attitude that links us with the way the external world sees us. It is how we present ourselves to the world and what we achieve. Self-esteem is more about the feeling of inner self, or our relationship with ourselves. It is about how we feel deep down inside. These two traits may be linked, but are not connected always. A person might be having low self-esteem, which he could overcome with hard work and dedication, and become successful in the eyes of others. He seems to be confident in the eyes of others. Self-confidence and self-esteem may be developed simultaneously or independently.

Self-confidence can be improved by developing skills, setting realistic goals through re aligning of thought patterns and proper planning which are followed by the psychologist pursuing the Indian system of psychotherapy. However, one should be aware that self-confidence should be developed at the right pace, without the feeling of pressure.

Causes of low self-confidence

Childhood environment usually has a lot of influence over the development of confidence in a person. If children are encouraged to speak their mind, feel responsible for situations, and take their decisions on their own, usually show high levels of confidence through their growing up years. if a child has not been able to make their needs understood, or has not been able to overcome a learning difficulty, they may suffer from low self-confidence.

Signs of low self-confidence

The level of self-confidence may be seen differently by you and others. This is shown through behavior, body language, your reaction to different situations and the way you speak. Self-confidence is shown in the positivity in situations, how people believe in themselves and their abilities.

People with low self-confidence can often foster negative thoughts about their abilities, their skills and about themselves in general. These negative thoughts may often lead to disappointment, and a sense of under achievement.

Signs that you have low self-confidence are:

Feel inferior to others
Feel that you do not have any drive or direction
Feel shy or uneasy
Failure and unsuccessful
Feel a sense of worthlessness
Feel bitter about family and social relationships
Feel bad about work

Counseling for low self-confidence

As an adult, the first step towards overcoming low self-confidence is to accept and understand the problem. Every one has their own strengths and weaknesses, abilities and skills, which help them improve their self-confidence. Realistic goals and small steps towards those goals usually bring success and in turn boost confidence. Counseling and hypnotherapy also help in the improvement of self-confidence. The best counselors in Chennai use the most strategic techniques to develop and boost your self confidence. Negative thoughts can be changed by talking to the experts and trained professionals.