Passive Aggressive Behavior

Every human being as a different personality and it is characterised by the way we display and project ourselves to the world. Personalities of people can differ from being outward, confident, shy or reserved. Such personalities in people can be a result of their inherent characteristics along iwth the ones developed due to external environmental factors. Personality disorders are usually regarded as enduring maladaptive patterns of behaviour, inner experience and cognition, often exhibited across many situations and contexts. These patterns can develop quite early, and can be inflexible, resulting in significant distress or disability.

Personality disorder is a condition that describes people who are not able to control their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, which can turn into negative, destructive and harmful acts. These patterns of behaviour are usually associated with substantial disturbances in behavioural tendencies of an individual, and involve several areas of personality. It can result in maladaptive coping skills, and can lead to other personal problems like extreme distress, anxiety, or depression.

Counseling for personality disorders

The forms of treatment available for personality disorders through the Indian system to change the ingrained behaviour are counseling and psychotherapy, which usually depend on the severity of the condition. A trained professional counselor can help an individual in regulating their thoughts and emotions and help them understand themselves better. In many instances, the person suffering from this disorder finds that they improve with age, through life experiences. They become better at understanding how to respond, interact and manage their feelings as they grow.

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