Past Life Therapy - Knowledge of Past Life

Resolving problems of the present with the past

Where do we come from? Where do we go from here? Does the present have any connections to the past? These have been questions asked since man began to think

Today many people believe that we have been here for many lives, and will continue to do so. Nothing actually dies. Nor is it born. It only changes its state of existence.

General George Smith Patton Jr., the great World War II hero, believed that he was Hannibal, and Alexander the Great, in his past lives. Many are the celebrities who believe in past life and reincarnation. For many people in the East, it is a given. Says Lord Krishna in the Gita: "You and I have gone through many births, Arjuna. While I remember them, you do not."

Among today's celebrities who believe in past life and reincarnation, we have Richard Gere. He is a practicing Buddhist.