Past Life Therapy & Diseases

Past life therapy can be effective when combined with other methods such as psychotherapy, bodywork, emotional and spiritual work on oneself. It also combines well with flower therapy, vibrational medicine, reflexology, alpha mind technique and crystal healing.

Diseases and complexes that could have past life causes


Most phobias, if their cause is not traced to some traumatic experience in this present life, have their origins in the past life. Fear embedded deep in the psyche can travel from one birth to another. For example, fear of snakes, nightmares in which snakes chase you or bite you, can be traced during regression to experiences in past lives. One person, who feared snakes, when regressed to past life, recalled being thrown into a snake pit. Similar is the case with fear of spiders, fear of being drowned, fear of being burnt, or being mauled by wild animals. One person who feared water bodies, recalled in regression, of dying by drowning in a lake.

Eating disorders

Case studies of past life therapy with therapists reveal that many eating disorders such as bulimia (overeating) and anorexia (loss of appetite) can be traced to problems with eating in the past lives. A person who had starved in his life or at the time of death in his or her past lives develops bulimia in this life. Conversely, a person who had gone an eating spree in his or her past life now suffers from anorexia or loss of appetite.

The law is simple-karma. What you do not only comes back to you, but also, will return to you to clear some lopsidedness in your gestalt.

Patterns of habit can also bring eating disorders in present life. People who had been monks or nuns, and who had been habitually fasting in their earlier lives, will carry this habit into the present thus developing diseases such as anorexia or bulimia depending on what has been driving them-the hidden desire to eat or the habitual pattern to shun food.

Habits can also be influence by what following what was or is fashionable. If it was fashionable to look thin, a pattern to eat less develops, and continues into other lives.

Past life therapy with guidance from some of the best past life regression therapists in Chennai can deal with problems of this kind effectively.


Most problems of health are related to a conflict between body, mind and spirit besides traumatic experiences that bring them about. The experience could be from this life or the lives lived earlier. A simple headache can be traced to a painful experience in the past.

"A scientist working in an atomic project in India complained of headache everyday at five in the evening. The headache would disappear mysteriously at five-thirty, that is just after a half hour. He consulted doctors, neurologists and specialist who found nothing wrong physiologically. It was a hypnotherapist who had cured him finally. The therapy made him relive a painful experience when he was a four-year old. One day he and his mother were going to the market. They had to go across a railway track to reach the market. His mother, who had not seen a train coming her way, was run over while she was going across the track. The mangled body was lying on the track for almost half hour with the young boy sitting by its side. it was between five and five thirty in the evening. The emotional pain at seeing his mother suffer and die was locked deep within the young child's heart"

The symptoms of ill health can give a clue to the therapist as to what could have happened. The nature of pain, and the part of the body, which is affected, will give a clue as to what kind of cause to look for. For example, attacks of asthma in this life could be because of drowning, strangled to death, or suffocated to death in earlier lives.

"One subject was regressed to cure her of asthma. She was so burdened with the disease in this life that she even contemplated of suicide to end her discomfort. In regression, she revealed that in her earlier life, she was a groom. Once while preparing the horses, she was trampled to death when a few wild horses ran over her. She resolved the pain and the dying experience by consciously reliving it now"

However, the therapist has to come to a conclusion only after a great thought and insight. Most subjects feel relieved once they relive the pain that they could not handle earlier. And most of them do handle the pain well with the help of a trained therapist or healer. JNANA GANGA offers the best past life regression therapy in Chennai, where you can relive the pain under the expert guidance of a regression therapist, and solve your present problems.

Soul Blueprint and Etheric retrieval

Do not mistake the human being as just the physical body you see. Appearance is indeed deceptive. A person is composed of many bodies. The one you see, the physical, is made up of earth material, the food. You have many bodies, bodies made of thoughts, emotions and feelings, and of psychic material. The plan you have for this incarnation, the life script and schedule of events, are written in the psychic material. This is called the Etheric blueprint. Retrieval of this blueprint can be done with the help of the best past life regression therapists in Chennai for therapeutic uses.

Sexual difficulties

If problems of people were just physical, solutions would come quick. However, a human being is a complex field. A field that does not just exist in the present, but in a continuum of past, present and future.

Most sexual problems, problems such as impotency, premature ejaculation, transvestism, Oedipus complex, homosexualism or lesbianism, have roots deeper than that of biological. A person who stole secret sex with his maid in the past life could experience premature ejaculation, habituated as he was to getting a quickie. Case studies reveal many such cases. A person who was a female in earlier life, and with a strong sexual impulse, could not tend to become a homosexual and vice versa. A narcissist woman now born as a man who now decorate himself with women's apparel and amuse himself. The problems now become simple or serious depending on the intensity of the memories in the Etheric body or the causal body.

When therapy begins, a lot of these otherwise unsolvable problems, can be solved. At JNANA GANGA, this problem solving procedure happens under the supervision of expert and experienced past life regression therapists in Chennai, who have thorough knowledge in past life therapy. Past life regression therapy in Chennai is a powerful tool that has many therapeutic uses for nearly all otherwise unsolvable problems.