Foreign Energy Dynamics - Possession

These important cycles of Death and Reincarnation can be blocked if people are still obsessed with earthly desires at the time of their deaths. In this case, they remain in and are trapped by the vibrations of the physical plane. Seen as in the lower astral level, they are as close to the earth plane as possible, futilely attempting to satisfy their addictions and desires. While in this lowly state, these earth­bound entities cannot make any spiritual progress. They cannot be released from their lower vehicles and rise to higher states. This may be the possible reason on why our religious texts across all religions and faiths give much importance to the "Final dying thoughts". This also explains the importance of final rituals being accorded to the physical body post the death. The ancient Hindu texts including "Garuda Purana" explains in detail the significance of final ritual and explains in detail the post death scenario.

Often, according to Vedic theory, ignorant, confused or malicious discarnates seek out living people to possess, in order to either have a safe haven till the next time the bardo opens or to continue their earthly life. They are able to gain access because the astral body, visible to them in the person's aura, has some defect through which they enter. This view of possession has been passed down in India and Tibet and is now part of the famous Tibetan medical tradition, which is practiced by the expatriate Tibetans in northern India." Tibetan book of the dead" explains in detail about death and after death process.