Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Most of the yoga therapy sessions include physical and mental exercises. Yoga therapy is a science in itself and promotes holistic living. A continuous practice help you gain command over the mind, and allows you to become aware of your personal self. By practicing yoga therapy regularly, one can

Improve their general health Increase body flexibility
Reduce excess fat
Give their body good shape
Reduce depression and anxiety
Control emotions
Activate all the vital organs
Recondition the neuro-muscular system
Improve blood circulation
Activate endocrine glands
Reduce ageing process
Reduce physical fatigue
Relax the neuro-physiological state of the body
Develops positive attitude towards life
Happy demeanour and longer life span

Why is yoga therapy better than other forms of exercise?

Yoga is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise, better than the other forms. This is because yoga refreshes the body and gives you complete control of the body. Other forms of exercise make you feel exhausted. Yoga therapy allows greater movement of the body, and does not hamper the muscles even after regular practices for a long time. Yoga exercises help in the balancing of organ functions, which the other forms of exercise do not. A person practicing yoga attains a calm mind, and conserves energy, unlike the other forms, where you lose a lot of energy. Body does not lose the electrolytes, as in the other forms of exercises.

Biochemical benefits of yoga therapy:

Various yoga exercises are being prescribed by medical practitioners for improving the overall health of the body. There have been many reports of musculoskeletal improvements because of yoga practices. Asthma patients have shown reduction in their symptoms. Regular practice of yoga improves the mental abilities of a person, as they are more charged and energetic. The main focus of yoga therapy is exercise, breathing and meditation. Learn yoga in Chennai and improve the health of your heart. Yoga is supposed to reduce high blood pressure, improves heart muscles, enhances the cardiac rehabilitation, and lowers the risk of various cardiovascular diseases.

People working in a corporate environment face a very common problem, chronic low back pain. Many studies and reports have shown that yoga therapy improves the lower back muscles and strengthens them. Many people have reportedly lowered their use of pain medication, after they started practicing yoga regularly. Yoga also helps in the treatment of cancer patients, and decreases their pain, fatigue, insomnia, depression, etc, and helps them gain control over their anxiety. It reduces the stress levels and improves the overall quality of life. By joining the yoga classes in Chennai, you can use it as an alternative treatment for arthritis. A perfect combination of yoga and breathing techniques helps you effectively treat the symptoms of this disease. Because of the reduction in stress, patients experience higher cognitive abilities and improve their performance at work. Reduced stress improves their personal relationships and lets them enjoy life to the fullest. The physical exercises and meditative practices of yoga help in enhancing the healthy mind, which can lead to a healthy body.

JNANA GANGA academy offers the right therapeutic yoga classes in Chennai, which can help an individual gain control over his mind and body. Yoga is taught by the experts in this field, who have a lot of experience in teaching in ancient science. Learn therapeutic yoga in Chennai under the able guidance of knowledgeable teachers, who can also suggest specific exercises, if you have a specific problem or ailment. Attend the therapeutic yoga classes in Chennai and improve your quality of life. Yoga therapy is beneficial for the body and mind in many ways. Experience the joy of healthy living by attending the yoga classes in Chennai. Once you learn the techniques of exercise and breathing, you can practice them at home, and experience a healthier lifestyle. By practicing yoga therapy regularly, one can increase their blood haemoglobin count, and improve the functioning of the endocrine glands, thereby improving the general health of the body.

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