About Praveen Saanker

Mr. Praveen Saanker pursued his passion in the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy through relentless intuition and understanding of the nuances of human behavior, their energies, and structure right from early childhood.

Currently a Family Office Advisor,Psychotherapist, Corporate Consultant, Coach & Trainer, Praveen pursued his Post-Graduation in Psychology with a specialization in Cognitive Behavior from the Prestigious "niversity of Canterbury"; and later a "Masters in Counseling" from same University.Apart from his strong credentials as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Praveen Saanker is an accomplished Clinical Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Expert with commendable experience and exemplary educational qualifications on the subject from the "National Guild of Hypnotist", Merrimack, New Hampshire and the "California Hypnosis Institute of India". His honed abilities in the works relating to human energies at higher levels of metaphysical consciousness and the external entity space have earned him impressive accolades in the field of parapsychology.

Praveen has great reputation as a professional paranormal investigator. His deep understanding gained through fervent studies & experiences in the fields of paranormal and Meta physics is recognized worldwide. He met like-minded people with similar cognitive abilities and started TATVAMASI JNANA GANGA– An advanced therapy and training center as a non-profit organization. His consultative experience is sought after by many business houses and corporate establishments across the countries of South East Asia. Praveen also serves as a lead investigator with the Paranormal Society of India which does great amount of research on the paranormal phenomena.

Praveen dedicates most of his current professional success to his ancient family roots in Kerala and his early upbringing by his parents. Praveen comes from one of the reputed families in Kerala which has always given great importance to traditional vedic sciences and he uses his knowledge to spread the teachings of ancient Indian heritage through ultra- modern scientific techniques. Praveen Saanker's fervor for learning the intricacies of human psychology, through research on Indian Vedic sciences has no bounds. Praveen has impressive experience as renowned energy consultant and enjoys strong reputation in the field of Indian Vaastu Shastra and Feng-Shui. His expansive qualifications span across the sciences of Therapeutic Yoga, Vaastu Shastra and Vedic Astrology. Praveen Saanker is an Advanced Hatha Yoga Practitioner (Therapeutic) and is certified by the Yoga Alliance USA, International Yoga Academy ( Hongkong), Manonmaniam Sundaranar University and Tamilnadu State Physical Education Department.

Earlier to devoting his time & energy to follow his passion; Human Psychology, Praveen Saanker had been a successful Investment Banking & Wealth Management Professional. This experience in International Private Banking, and Family Wealth Advisory services, combined with exceptional credentials in Estate Planning & Risk Management domains, has enabled Praveen to head many projects in HSBC Bank and ASK Wealth Advisors. At HSBC, his services as a Senior Vice President, Wealth Management & Premier Banking, helped the Bank achieve a market leadership position. As a founder team member with the ASK Group (ASK Wealth Advisors) Praveen Saanker was instrumental in setting up one of the most competent Family Office Practice for the organization. His services in the capacity of Director – Strategic Solutions for ASK Family Office, led the organization into achieving tremendous reputation and momentous growth in the various fields of Asset Management.

Currently, Apart from following his passion of human psychology and study of Vedic Sciences, Praveen Saanker serves as a Family Office Advisor to some of the largest business families across the world. Praveen is the CEO and Manging partner of PROSPERTY, a real estate portfolio management firm and serves in the capacity of an Advisor & Director with a few companies across India and the Middle East.