Pregnancy & Birth

Going through the stages of pregnancy and birth can be overwhelming and challenging experiences. It is natural to feel apprehensive about the process of birthing, and there might be many questions about caring for the new baby. The human body accommodates profound changes and alterations during pregnancy and birth. These changes can affect the relationships in many unexpected ways. You might notice changes in your attitude towards life. These can result in various ambivalent and confusing feelings, arising out of expectations, fears and insecurities surrounding the impending challenges of birthing and parenting.

In addition, if there are already some long-standing life issues, it might broaden the strain on relationships. Along with this, there might be additional emotional turmoil of going through the pregnancy, while doing other normal activities like running a business, maintaining peaceful relationships, or raising other children. During pregnancy and parenting, you are expected to have amazing multi-tasking skills, and manage everything without any help. However, at these stages, you need a lot of support, and various coping mechanisms, to tackle anxiety and stress, and feel utmost excitement and joy.

Counseling for Pregnancy and Child Birth

Counseling during pregnancy and birth can bring about consciousness, and portray various healing patterns that affect your experiences of birth and parenting. Post-birth counseling too can enrich your relationship, along with helping you experience the delights of parenting immensely. Some of the causes of depression and anxiety during pregnancy and birth could be hormonal changes, relationship issues, financial worries, despair over morning sickness, lack of sleep, and other impending family issues.

Coping with issues of depression and anxiety during pregnancy and birth can be difficult and may need the help of a counselor. A new mother may feel better, once she shares her feelings with the counselor. The professional experts and some of the best counselors in Chennai help you deal with the situation, by understanding your emotions and feelings. At tatvamasi, psychology doctors in chennai help you identify the root cause for your issue, and help you put things into the right perspective. Your trauma can be desensitized and problems resolved, as a professional counselor following the Indian system can suggest practices like Prenatal yoga breathing techniques which help to reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and work through contractions during labor. Certain stretching postures are encouraged to increase flexibility.. Post natal and antenatal depressions can be tackled with the help of counseling sessions.