Foreign Energy Dynamics - Process of 'Death'

The Vedas describe death as the "Shedding off" or "Dropping off" of the physical body.

At the time of death the etheric body lifts out of the physical body. Contained within the subtle body are the energetic patterns of the emotional and physical residue of the experiences of the life. Still encased in this subtle body, the being moves toward the Light, which-though sometimes close and sometimes a distance away-is always present at the time of death.

Guiding spirits come to assist. They may look like angels or like your ancestors who have been part of the same soul group. They may appear as shining lights. Even though they are without visible form, the newly deceased personality perceives and recognizes them through the vibration or feeling of their soul essence.

There is a gateway (Gateway has different names across different beliefs and scriptures - the most commonly being referred to as Bardo) that opens up during the death and the etheric body needs to pass through this gateway to be in the light, leaving the physical body behind, dead. When the departing spirit passes through this level of the bardo into the Light, then Death is final. The silver cord connecting the spirit to the physical body is finally and completely severed.

Once fully in the Light, the being will be in the vibrational level called the Middle Astral. Religious texts refer to this level as Heaven. During this Resting Stage, the being can rest for as long as it wants. (The neuter pronoun, "it," is used because there is no gender in spirit) Spirit hospitals are available for healing to take place. After the Resting Stage comes a Review Stage, during which the being assesses (With the help of counselors) what was accomplished, what was not completed or resolved, and what needs to be examined in the Planning Stage for inclusion in a future embodiment. There are great Halls of Learning where a being can prepare for the ensuing lifetime. Finally comes the Planning Stage once again, then conception and the commencement of another physical life.

This recycling of the true essence of a person from one physical body to another and the doctrine of karma-the law of cause and effect-are essential for spiritual evolution, according to the Vedic system. It is through reincarnation that individuals can purify themselves in order to enter the highest plane, and rejoin the godhead.