Past Life Therapy - Regression Techniques

Hypnosis involves taking you to heightened state of consciousness where you are relaxed and highly suggestible, and where you have easy access to material that is not normally hidden from the conscious mind.

Past life therapy uses Hypnosis to take your memory back (regression) and relive the experiences you have had in the past, either in this life or the earlier ones. You are gently guided to relive, particularly painful experiences, and sort out the issues that had not been resolved.

Regression techniques

There are many techniques for making a person regress into the past. It all begins with altering the state of consciousness first. You cannot put a person into a Hypnotic state without altering the present state.

This change can be brought about in the following ways:

Hypnotic suggestions
Sacred chanting
Ritual dancing
Ritual music
Aromatic herbs
Certain breathing techniques

The technique normally used with people is Hypnotic suggestions under controlled ambience.

You should however note that regression is different from using Hypnotism for therapy. A regression takes you only to the past, but it does not solve any problems of the present that have roots in the past. However, Hypnotherapy enables you to relive the past, and resolve the knotty emotional or physical issue that has been clinging to you.