Relationship Issues

Relationship counseling helps in the process of better managing and reconciliation of troublesome and distressful relationships. The relationships involved can be between a couple, members of a family, employees or employers in a workplace, or between a client and a professional. It is natural for a relationship to develop conflicting expectations due to various distractions, other issues, or problems with expression and mind set. Sometimes, in a relationship, the couple or members involved do not know how to solve issues, and make the relationship run smooth. Relationship counseling can help us enhance relationships, by working out on a common problem, and eradicate the existing problems.

Presence of issues in a relationship could be due to different learned ways in our young age, where we grew up and got stuck in unhelpful and unhealthy habits. These habits restrict our lives and made us lose our sense of identity and self-worth. Due to these underlying reasons, we despair when we encounter failing relationships. Many times, we revert to our old familiar patterns, when we are under pressure. a good relationship needs self-respect and self-esteems from the people involved. All these aspects of a good relationship are examined closely during the counseling sessions, and all the ingredients for a good relationship are identified.

Counseling for relationship issues

Inter-personal relationships and communication skills are 2 sides of the same coin.

Relationship counselors at JNANA GANGA are trained to assist you with a wide range of issues. Counseling is offered to couples, individuals or the entire family according to the requirements. The best counselors in Chennai can tackle issues with self-confidence, self- esteem, anger regulation, trust issues, sexuality and intimacy, grief and loss, compatibility issues, family dynamics, recovering after an affair, couple relationships, workplace issues like bullying, issues arising in step families, couple care, preparing for marriage, etc.

Through counseling conflicts can be resolved and communication can be improved. The destructive patterns of relationship can be identified and addressed. Skills necessary for a healthy relationship can be improved, and new relationship skills can be learned. Through expert care and advice from the best counselors in Chennai at JNANA GANGA, successful relationships can be developed. We can also identify and acknowledge abusive relationships and domestic violence. Through the Indian system of counseling, the psychologist can identify habits and behaviour patterns ingrained from our childhood, and replace the old ways of reaction with a healthier form of response to stimuli.