Alternative Therapies - Chakra Therapy - Seven Chakras

The First Chakra

Muladhara Chakra, also called the Root Center, the Base Chakra or the Coccyx Center

Colour: Fiery Red

Associated element: Earth

Sense: Smell

Symbol: 4-Petalled Lotus

Basic principle: Physical will of being

Associated parts of the body: All solid parts like the spinal column, bones, teeth, and nails. Anus, rectum, colon, prostate gland. Blood and the building of cells.

Associated glands: Suprarenal glands.
The suprarenal glands produce adrenaline and noradrenalin, which have the function of adapting the blood circulation to our needs by regulating blood distribution. In this way our body is able to immediately react to differing demands. Moreover, the suprarenal glands have a dominating influence upon the balance of temperature in our body.

Associated astrological signs and planets:

Aries/Mars: New beginning, primordial life energy, power to achieve, Aggressiveness.

Taurus: Closeness to earth, stability, possession, sensual pleasure.

Scorpio/Pluto: Unconscious attachment, sexual power, transformation and renewal.

Capricorn/Saturn: Structure and stability.

The Ayurvedic teachings also assign the sun, as the primordial source of all life, to the root chakra.

Chakra therapy channelizes life force into the physical body through the chakras. The balance of chakras, their alignment and functioning will affect our emotions, physical organs and thinking. The healing therapy through chakras restores the well-being of a body.

As the root chakra is assigned to the earthly element, its colour is red - the red of the energy and activity welling up from the inner core of our planet. It gives us earthly stability and the solid ground upon which we can construct our lives. It also provides us the necessary energy for creative self expression. It lends us the power to achieve and consistency. Building up an existence, finding material security and securing the survival of the species by founding a family belong to this sphere of this chakra.

Harmonious functioning of root chakra ensures that the person will fully accept life on earth, they will say "yes" to their physical existence and will be prepared to live and act in harmony with the earthly forces and learn from them. Their life will be fuelled by an unshakable trust and they perceive earth as a secure place which provides them with everything they need: care, food, shelter and security

Disharmonious or blocked root chakra creates insecurity, fear, anxiety. Thoughts or actions would primarily revolve around material possessions and security or sensual indulgences and thrills. The person would often act without thinking of the consequences. He would find it rather difficult to give or take freely. On the physical plane the inability to let go and the desire to maintain possession manifests itself as constipation or overweight. The person might experience extreme temperaments and would often display rage, anger or violence. Such a person will be benefited with the chakra healing and therapy. JNANA GANGA offers some of the best services in pranic healing Chennai.

The Second Chakra
Swadhistana Chakra, also called the Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Associated element: Water

Sense: Taste

Symbol: 6-Petalled lotus

Basic principle: Creative reproduction of being

Physical assignment: Pelvic girdle, reproductive organs, kidneys, blad­der. All liquids such as blood, lymph, gastric juice, sperm.

Associated glands: Gonads - ovaries, prostate gland, testicles. The function of the gonads consists of manifesting the male and female sexual characteristics as well as the regulation of the female cycle.

Associated astrological signs and planets:

Cancer/ Moon: Richness of feeling, receptiveness, fertility.

Libra/ Venus: Attention to one's Self, relationships based on partnership. Sensuality, creativity.

Scorpio/Pluto: Sensual desire, transformation of personality through the giving up of one's own ego in sexual union. Chakra therapy ensures that life force is channelized into the physical body through the chakras. The balance of chakras, their alignment and functioning will affect our emotions, physical organs and thinking. The healing therapy through chakras restores the well-being of a body.

The second chakra is the center of unfiltered primordial emotions, sexual energies and creativity. It is assigned to the element of water, water that fertilizes and continuously produces new life. Through the sacral chakra we participate in the fertilizing and receiving of energies. We see ourselves as part of the everlasting process of creation which express itself in us as feeling and creativity. Hence its sphere of influence includes the reproductive organs. However water element also cleanses and purifies and in the physical plane it refers to kidneys and bladder.

The harmonious functioning of the sacral chakra displays itself in the natural flow of life and feelings. You open yourself towards others, especially people of opposite sex and behave naturally. When the sacral chakra functions well you feel the flow of creative life energy streaming through your body, soul and mind. Your feelings are genuine and undistorted, your actions are creative. They stimulate not only your life but also the lives of others.

A malfunctioning sacral chakra can be traced back to childhood or infancy. Possibly your parents held back their own sensuality and sexuality and you experienced a lack of sensual simulation in the form of touches, caresses, tenderness and affection. As a consequence you suppressed your feelings in this sphere and withdrew the antennas which receive sensual messages. The lack of this suppression is a lack of self esteem, emotional paralysis and sexual coldness. In extreme cases you might even use sex as a drug thus loosing the innocence and childlike amusement and enjoyment of creativity thus turning out to be sexually violent. Chakra healing and therapy and be of great benefit to such people. JNANA GANGA offers some of the best services in pranic healing Chennai.

The Third Chakra
Manipura Chakra also called the Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: Yellow to golden

Associated element: Fire

Sense: Sight

Symbol: 10-Petaled lotus

Basic principle: Shaping of being

Associated parts of the body: Lower back, abdomen, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gallbladder, autonomic nervous system.

Associated gland: Pancreas (liver)

The pancreas plays an important part in the digestion of food. It secretes the hormone insulin, which regulates the amount of blood sugar in the system, as well as carbohydrate metabolism. The enzymes which are secreted by the pancreas are important for the balance of fats and proteins.

Associated astrological signs and planets:

Leo/Sun: Warmth, strength, abundance, striving for recognition, power and social status.

Sagittarius/Jupiter: Affirmation of life experience, growth and expan­sion, synthesis, wisdom, wholeness.

Virgo/Mercury: Classification, analysis, conformity. Selfless serving and devotion.

Mars: Energy and activity, willingness to act, self-assertion.

Chakra balancing is of utmost importance, as any imbalance in the chakras would affect our physical organs, emotions and thinking. Chakra healing can induce positivity into life and ensure perfect balance and harmony.

The solar plexus chakra represents our sun our power center. Here we absorb the solar energy which nurtures our ethereal body, thereby vitalising and maintain our physical body. In the third chakra we enter into active contact with people and the material world. Our relations with others, our likes and dislikes and the ability to enter into a long term relationship are controlled by this center. For an ordinary person the third chakra represents the foundation of his her personality. Here we find our social identity and seek to confirm it either by personal assertion, the will to achieve, a striving for power or adaptation to social patterns.

A harmoniously functioning third chakra creates a feeling of peace and inner harmony with your Self, life in general and your place in life in particular. You can accept yourself completely and also respect the feelings and character traits of others

When your third chakra is malfunctioning you would want to manipulate everything in accordance to your wishes, you want to control your inner and outer worlds, to conquer and exercise power. You are always driven by an inner restlessness and discontent, often leading to the feeling of dejection and discourage. You see obstacles everywhere, obstacles that prevent the fulfilment of your desires. Overcome these fears and obstacles through pranic healing techniques and chakra therapy.

The Fourth Chakra
Anahata Chakra also known as the Heart Chakra

Colour: Green

Associated element: Air

Sense: Touch

Symbol: 12-Petalled Lotus

Basic principle: Devotion, self-abandon

Associated parts of the body: Heart, upper back, including the thorax and the thoracic cavity, the lower area of the lungs, the blood and the blood circulation system, the skin.

Associated gland: Thymus.
The thymus gland regulates growth and controls the lymphatic system. It also has the function of stimulating and strengthening the immune system

Associated astrological planets and signs:

Leo/Sun: Emotional warmth, sincerity, generosity.

Libra/Venus: Contact, love, striving for harmony. Augmentation of the Self.

Saturn: Overcoming the individual ego, thus making selfless love possi­ble.

The fourth chakra is assigned to the element air and to the sense of touch. This indicates flexibility of the heart, ability to establish contacts and the willingness to be touched and at the same time be in touch with all things. The capability to empathise and sympathise with others and to attune ourselves and join in with the cosmic vibrations develops though the fourth chakra. Through the same energy centre we perceive the beauty of nature and the harmony found in music, visual arts and poetry. In the fourth chakra images, words and sounds are translated into feelings. The purpose of the heart chakra is to achieve perfect union through love.

Natural healing therapies ensure perfect chakra balancing and ensure perfect coordination of bodily functions.

A harmonious heart chakra works together with all the other chakras in harmony and will transform you to a channel of divine love. The energies of your heart can change the world about you and unite, reconcile or even heal people in your surroundings. You radiate natural warmth, sincerity and happiness. This opens the hearts of people around you, inspires confidence and creates joy. Compassion and willingness to help comes naturally to you.

Malfunctioning or inadequate functioning of the heart chakra makes you very vulnerable to injury and dependent on the love and affection of others. When you experience rejection you are deeply hurt. You might even express coldness, indifference or "Heartlessness". Most of the times you are out of balance and may even suffer from depression. You might be unable to accept love or give love.

Spiritual healing services from JNANA GANGA can help you with powerful alternate therapies that help in the perfect chakra balancing.

The Fifth Chakra
Vishudda Chakra also referred to as the Neck or Throat Chakra

Colour: Pale blue, also silver or greenish blue.

Associated element: Ether.

Sense: Hearing.

Symbols: 16-Petalled Lotus.

Basic principle: Resonance of being.

Associated parts of the body: Neck, throat and jaw. Ears, voice, trachea, bronchial tubes, upper lungs, oesophagus, arms.

Associated gland: Thyroid. The thyroid gland plays an important part in the growth of the skeleton and inner organs. It governs the balance between physical and spiritual growth and via our metabolism regulates the manner and the speed of the transformation of food into energy, as well as the use of this energy. Moreover, it controls the iodine metabolism and the balance of calcium in blood and tissues.

Associated astrological planets and signs:

Gemini/Mercury: Communication, interchange of knowledge and expe­rience.

Mars: Active self-expression.

Taurus/Venus: Feeling for form and space.

Aquarius/Uranus: Divine inspiration, conveying of knowledge and' higher wisdom, independence.

The throat chakra is the center of the human capacity of expansion, communication and inspiration. It serves as a bridge between our thoughts and feelings, our impulses and reactions. At the same time it communicates the contents of all the chakras to the external world. Through the throat chakra we express everything within us - our laughing and crying, our feelings of love and happiness, anxiety and aggressiveness, our intentions and desires as well as our ideas, knowledge and perceptions of inner worlds.

Knowledge of these chakras and their power helps us in perfecting the art of chakra balancing, which can be used as a beneficial healing therapy.

With a completely open throat chakra you express your feelings, thoughts and inner knowledge freely and without fear, and are also capable of revealing your weaknesses or showing your strengths. You inner honesty towards yourself and others is expressed by your upright posture. You would possess the ability to express yourself with your entire personality. You can also remain silent and listen to others with all your heart and understanding. Your speech is imaginative, colourful and yet at the same time perfectly clear.

Insufficient functioning of your throat chakra hinders your capability to show and express yourself. You hold back your inner self completely; you are shy, quiet and withdrawn and when you talk its only about trivialities regarding your external life. You language can be blatant, coarse or cold and business like. You may stutter. Your voice is comparatively loud and your words lack deeper meaning. Ensure that you communicate effectively by learning how to balance chakras. JNANA GANGA offers services relating to pranic healing Chennai, which can be quite effective in maintaining the spiritual and physical balance.

The Sixth Chakra
Ajna Chakra, also known as the Third Eye or the Inner Eye chakra

Color: Indigo, also yellow or violet.

Sense: All senses, including extrasensory perception.

Symbols: 96-Petalled Lotus (2 x 48 petals)

Basic principle: Knowledge of being

Associated parts of the body: Face, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebel­lum, central nervous system.

Associated gland: Pituitary
The pituitary is sometimes referred to as the "Master gland" because its secretional activities control the functions of the other glands. Like the conductor of an orchestra, it establishes the harmonious interaction of the other glands.

Associated astrological signs and planets:

Mercury: Intellectual cognition, rational thought.

Sagittarius/ Jupiter: Holistic thought, realization of inner correlations.

Aquarius/ Uranus: Divinely inspired thought, higher knowledge, flashes of intuition.

Pisces/Neptune: Imagination, intuition, access to inner truths through devotion.

Conscious perception of being takes place through the third eye or the sixth chakra. It is the seat of our higher mental powers, our intellectual capacity to distinguish, our memory and our will. On the physical plane it is the highest center of command for the central nervous system. This chakra controls the various states of our consciousness. It stimulates rational or intellectual thoughts, Intuition or holistic cognition and extra sensory perception.

Harmonious functioning of the sixth chakra results in an active mind and advanced intellectual pursuits. You would possess a well developed capacity for visualization and the ability to comprehend many things intuitively. Your mind is always composed and at the same time open for mystic truths. Ensure that you maintain this harmonious function by balancing chakras and understanding the power of chakra therapy.

If the flow of energies of the sixth chakra is blocked, the only reality you will see and accept is that of external visible world. You life will be dominated by the material desires, physical needs and un-reflected emotions. You easily lose your head in demanding situations become forgetful. Your thinking can get muddled and confused and completely determined by unresolved emotional patterns. You can easily become a victim of intellectual arrogance. The only thing you accept are those the mind can comprehend, that can be demonstrated and proven by scientific method. You reject spiritual insight as unscientific and unrealistic. Avoid this by taking chakra healing therapy from the experienced hands at JNANA GANGA. The natural healing process will help you maintain free flow of energies.

The Seventh Chakra
Sahasrara Chakra or Crown Chakra

Colour: Violet, also white and gold.

Symbol: 1000-PetaIled Lotus.

Basic principle: Purest Being.

Associated part of the body: Cerebrum.

Associated gland: Pineal body (epiphysis)
The influence of the epiphysis has not been conclusively determined by science. Most probably it affects our entire organism. A dysfunction of this gland results in premature sexual maturity.

Associated astrological signs and planets:

Capricorn/Saturn: Inner viewing, concentration on the essential, per­meation of matter by Divine light.

Pisces/Neptune: Dissolution of limits, devotion, oneness with the Omni­present Being.

The crown chakra is the seat of highest human perfection and is often represented as hovering above the head. It glows in all colours of the rainbow, but the predominant colour is violet. Just as all the colours of the spectrum are united in colourless light, the highest chakra unites in itself all the energies of the lower centres. It is the source and starting point for the manifestation of all other chakra energies. Here we are connected with the level of being which contains all non-manifest forms and characteristics. This is where we feel at home. It is from here we once started our journey into life and to this place we will return at the end of our development. Chakra therapy helps you understand the innate power of these chakras and creates a healing effect over the body and mind. Chakra balancing is of utmost importance for the right functioning of the body and its wellness.

With a seriously blocked crown chakra we will feel separated from abundance and wholeness and will not be free of fear. It is this fear which always maintains some remnants of blockages within the chakras. Being unable to unfold their complete range of possibilities, the individual energies neither vibrate in complete harmony with the dance of creation, nor in harmony with each other. Unless you open up to the spiritual truths during the years when the crown centre develops, you may constantly experience feelings of uncertainty and a lack of purpose. You may also become conscious of certain senselessness in your life or the fear of death may visit you more often. With the help of chakra healing, you may bring back the power of this chakra. Pranic healing Chennai at JNANA GANGA offers exclusive services in alternative therapies.