Sexual Issues

Sexual issues among couples can bring about a great deal of frustration and anxiety. It can also cause a lot of stress, as it is considered shameful to acknowledge these issues in our culture and communities. Sexual issues in couples could be due to various reasons. There could be a genuine medical problem, which could have a profound impact on the couple's sex life. There are many instances where psychological issues too play key roles. One of the major triggers for sexual issues in a relationship is stress. It is natural for relationship problems to arise due to sexual difficulties or problems. Many times, it is observed that the presence of sexual issues could be due to the presence of certain deeper problems in the relationship. These sexual differences arise only during times of change and stress.

Issues in sexual matters may be a measure of their deep trust, attitude, love and control. Lack of intimacy may indicate a deeper issue, which needs to be explored. Emotional trust is one of the major foundations of physical intimacy. Some of the signs that indicate the presence of sexual issues in a relationship are that sex is no longer on the agenda, one partner has gone off sex, the act of sex is either difficult or painful for one partner, or causes disappointment.

Counseling for sexual issues

Sexual issues in couples may be due to some traumatic experiences from the childhood or past relationships. With the help of an experienced counselor, these issues can be explored and resolved. Many sexual issues also arise due to anxiety, stress, aging, loss of self-esteem, pregnancy, loss of status, betrayal of trust or change in circumstances.

Sexual counseling from the best counselors in Chennai can help in the busting of family myths, and cultural taboos using the Indian system of tantra and kamasutra. They help you let go off your inhibitions, free your mind and make you get comfortable with your body. It can be an enlightening experience and many forbidden issues can be debunked. Talking to an expert will help couples understand the changes in their relationship, and what caused the issues in the first place. a couple can understand what sex means to them, and how it can improve the relationship and communication. At JNANA GANGA, the expert counselors also help you resolves the issues related to power and control, which often lead to difficult sexual relationships.