Foreign Energy Dynamics - Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit attachment, or possession, is not affected by standard medical treatment, and traditional psychotherapy simply does not apply. Psychiatric intervention via the use of mind-altering drugs can exacerbate the condition. A process of releasing the attached entity is the treatment of choice and indeed the only successful method of alleviating the problem. The process is gentle, logical, methodical, systematic and grounded in sound psycho­therapeutic principles.

Depossession, disposession, minor exorcism, or spirit releasement procedures are not dangerous or frightening, once a client is aware of the reality of the situation, and the therapist harbors no fear of the subject. The condition of spirit attachment, if properly treated, can be cleared immediately. However we recommend a psychological evaluation and a thorough medical examination (in case of physical symptoms) prior to the intervention by a spiritual healer or a trained therapist. Spirit Releasement Therapy cannot be considered as a substitute for appropriate medical or psychological treatment.

The Procedure of Spirit Release

Discovery and identification of any attached energies or entities.
Diagnosis via Hypnotherapy or other established Eastern practices to ascertain the level of possession.
Dialogue with the energy/entity.
Release of the spirit into the light.
Aura Sealing and strengthening meditation.
Ongoing Consultation for an extended period (only if its required and depends entirely on the patient).

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