Stress Counseling

An individual reaction to the demands from other individuals or from self is called stress. If there exists an inability to deal with these expectations effectively, the mind causes tension. Because of stress, we cannot see our thoughts clearly, and it causes adverse effects by building up pressure in the form of stress and anger. Though a little bit of stress does not cause a problem, and gives us the motivation to get things done efficiently, too much of it can affect us physically and mentally. Stress in high levels can become the major cause of many illnesses.

The brain releases many stress chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol to trigger a fight or flight reaction. These hormones help us fight for our lives, and flee from danger, in order to protect ourselves. During work, at home, in the office or in a car, the release of the same set of hormones can cause build up, which in turn affects our blood pressure and immune system.

Two types of stress that we encounter are -

Stress caused by everyday pressures like bills, deadlines, etc
Stress caused by the sudden rush, due to rare events like divorce, moving house, or death

Everyone deals with stress in a different way. Some can withstand it, while some find it very difficult to deal with it. The reaction to stress depends on various factors like our personal temperament, and the type of stress we have to deal with.

Counseling for stress

Depending upon their personality and susceptibility, most people find themselves suffering from stress at some point in their life. One of the most common causes of stress is the feeling of powerlessness. One of our major concerns is not able to control or change the way we live our life. Our changes in life, even positive can have an impact on the stress, and can leave us anxious and stress out. Some other major changes that cause stress are illness, bereavement, moving house, marriage, having a baby, etc. Circumstantial long term changes or problems related to issues surrounding the family, work, relationships, unemployment and poverty can also cause stress.

Do not let stress become a problem and lower your ability to cope. Seek help in the initial stages, before the signs of mental illness start to appear. Contact a good counselor if the effects of stress or stress itself are dominating your life, if stress is affecting you to a point that you feel unwell, and if you are experiencing outbursts of anger, and this is affecting those around you too. The best counselors in Chennai can treat stress by focusing on a good stress management program. A professional counselor from JNANA GANGA can help you understand and assess the severity of the problem, and recommend the right counseling or therapies. The counselor helps you identify the personal stress triggers, and the underlying issues, which are actually increasing your stress levels. Through counseling and understanding the triggers the therapist introduces the yogic system of meditation and relaxation techniques for channelizing of energies.

Professional counselors in Chennai use many scientifically proven techniques to alleviate tension in your body and mind. With their professional help you can eliminate the thoughts and triggers that cause stress, and focus on what is necessary through rightful mindfulness.