Client Testimonials

Face Reading & Body Language Group Training, Chennai

Dear JNANA GANGA Team, Iam sending this mail to congratulate you on the unforgettable 2 days you have provided us. The Face Reading training has opened a completely different perception to the way we look at an individual now. This has equipped us with so many wonderful tools that are so very effective when evaluating an individual. Thanks once again.

-Venkat Subba Rao, Laser Soft Infosystems ltd, A Polaris Group Company
Skype Training on Lalita Sahasranama (June 10, 2013 to July 6, 2013)

Hi, This letter of appreciation is a way to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to your team for the learning support provided. I sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm and patience of the trainers and hats off to the commitment . I had been a tough student to deal with, primarily because of sudden changes in schedule but your team did a really good job in ensuring that I have learnt to recite Lalita Sahasranama well. Wish your team all the very best.

-Chris Morris, 233, Shoreditch High Street London
Group Training on Face & Body Reading, 1st and 2nd of June 2013

Dear Ajay, Thanks a ton for the invaluable training imparted. Its was such a learning experience that we will all cherish it for a long time. You taught us to evaluate people and that would help us a great deal in our current job. After all Marketing is all about "People". Please do meet us when you are in Bangalore next time. We would love to have a review session

-Sunandu Pal, Tata Consultancy Services
Concentration & Meditative Techniques - Personal Training

I have worked with Praveen Saanker for more than a year now on developing sound concentration & meditative techniques. He is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Highest recommendation.

Mark C, Brookline, MA
Individual Therapy

When I met Praveen Saanker , I was in a very toxic and rather abusive relationship with a man which eroded much of my confidence and self-image. He helped me to see how many events in my life had brought me to that place, as well as allowing me to discover a much stronger, confident and self-loving person within myself. I have been fortunate to work with him for over a year now and he has helped me become the best ME I can. He always senses when I may be stumbling on my path of growth, weighed down by self-imposed negativity, and offers kind and gentle insights that are beacons of light in one's dark thoughts. He always knows exactly the right questions to ask, or offer the tools I need, so that I may see the positive steps that I need to take, which are often before me. No matter how I may have felt upon entering his office, I ALWAYS feel ten times better when I leave. I truly feel that so much of the success in my personal and business life has come from Praveen helping me to see and realize the greatness of who I am. I could never thank him enough

-R B, Chennai

My wife and I were two people who loved each other deeply, but could not have been more different from each other. As I reflect on our lives, I must say I owe a large part of the happiness we’re experiencing to encountering Praveen. I met him when my wife dragged me in to see him. I only went along to state my case and thought I would be told that I was completely wrong and the cause of our martial unhappiness. Instead I found an insightful masterful relationship counselor who was sensitive to my earnest, though awkward and miss communicated efforts to strengthen our family. Praveen taught us to use our differences to enhance our life experiences. Without praveen I doubt my marriage would have held together. With his help we were able to build a truly loving, trusting, intimate and fun relationship. As a result, I believe our son grew up in a loving family and has also been able to meet and marry a sane and loving partner. Sometimes you can't do it alone. .

-Ever Grateful, P B, Chennai
Couple's Workshop, Chennai

My husband and I were both packed and heading out the door when we came to the workshop held at the JNANA GANGA Center...we attended the workshop and did all of the suggested reading and writing. It has really helped a lot, we are still together and looking forward to a future together and the next workshop. We both really thought that the relationship was hopeless and were surprised when your tips and techniques helped us to improve both our communication skills and our relationship. Thank you so much Praveen. You really helped us to find a way to remain together and begin to enjoy each other. May God Bless You

R G and P R, Bangalore
Advanced Chakra Training Workshop - Customised Program

The Advanced Chakra Training workshop by Praveen Saanker provided methods and techniques on how to open and awaken chakras, as well as how to activate them. Before I attended the workshop I had difficulty connecting to my chakras, and the workshop taught me how to send energy as well as actually feeling each chakra. After the workshop I felt more open and more confident that I could better connect and communicate with my body, especially the areas that are blocked. I would recommend this training to all members. Thank You Praveen and the JNANA GANGA Team

Shankar Ramanathan, CTS, Bangalore
Skype 5 Member Training on Energy Anatomy of Human Body ( June 7, 8 & 9, 2013)

Many Thanks, Mr.Praveen Saanker for the fantastic training provided. You have provided us with great insights into the energy body. Thank You

Yi Ling & Group, Regus Business Center, Centennial Tower, Level 21, 3 Temasek Avenue, Singapore, 39190
The Chakras and Energy Anatomy of Human Body - Google Hangouts Group Training Program

I have been extremely impressed with JNANA GANGA Team. In a highly specialized domain such as Energy Anatomy of Human Body, their knowledge and experience on training has been commendable. Their high-energy training team gave us an opportunity to have a completely different view of looking at human body, and we would definitely try and leverage their talent across our friends and well-wishers. We are very pleased with their training methodology and curriculum.

Paul Dixon, Nova Capital