Past Life Therapy - Therapeutic Procedure

Mere knowledge of what happened or merely reliving what had happened is not enough for a Therapeutic process. Suppose you had a traumatic experience when you were four, when you felt hurt by your father whom you believed and saw as a protective guide to you, reliving will not help you much. You have to be made to see the experience not only as a four-year old, but also as a person, an adult being, from the present. You have to forgive your father, as well as yourself, and wash yourself of all the self-pity that you might have generated over the years as a victim. You require the help of a trained and experienced therapist or master.

Rerun Vs Reframe

You write the script of your life based on what happened to you. Early in life, if your Science teacher insulted you, you write a script hate Science teachers, hate Science. Merely reliving the past in a Therapeutic session will not help you because nothing has changed. You have just experienced an activated memory, a Rerun of the experience. However, if the therapist has made you relive the experience as an adult, not as a four-year old or a former self, you have reframed the experience, and you have re-written a script that has been misleading you all along. You have Reframed the experience.

Some techniques of healing and Reframing

Active Imagination

In this technique, the therapist helps you to imagine a situation and act as if it was one such situation that had caused the present problem. Then the hypnotist hands you the controls to actually regress to a real situation in the past or past life. The therapist sets a scene such as Now imagine you are young once again. You are in your classroom. You see the teacher who punished you.

The benefits of these techniques are many: one, you can work on many layers of consciousness according to your convenience. Two: it is the first step towards actual past life therapy.

Guided Imagery

A powerful tool that the therapist uses, guided imagery is very much like active imagination with the only difference that the therapist guides you step by step to recall specific details that could be used as a Therapeutic element. The therapist would ask you specific questions such as Where are you exactly now? What are you wearing? Who are the other people with you? What time of the day is it? The therapist will partly control the process, and the reliving may be graphic or gentle. The therapist would bring the process to an end when he or she feels that the details are now beyond your ability to control.

Christos Technique

This technique involves physical touch. The therapist touches the forehead and the feet of the subject, and induces a state of relaxed attention similar to hypnotic trance. The person is then guided to past using active imagination and guided imagination technique. This is a slow process, and will not be much effective in making transition from one layer of recall to another.

Shamanic Journey

This is perhaps one of the most powerful techniques used by shamans or witch-doctors. Here the word witch is used with a positive connotation. The shamans are specialists in tuning to various worlds and various times. They have the power to identify the archetypes, and are specialists in plant medicines and spirits. When they work on you, remedy can be sure. Some therapists today are well-versed in shamanic traditions as well, and can put shamanic journey to effective treatment in past life.

The shamans use ritual music, dance, herbs and spirit guides and travel through a time continuum. If they wish, they can take you as well, as a passenger as it were. Such travels can greatly alter your present self.

Body work

What happens when you get extremely angry, and you lock the feeling deep within you without expressing it? Raw feelings and impulses, when they are suppressed, are locked within the physical body. Body work relives and releases such locked up unpleasantness.

Body work involves massages and gentle stroking at certain points that act as nodes for suppressed emotions. When the nodes are touched by the therapist�s hand, they release the locked up feeling and emotions. They also trigger the memories of instances that caused them, be they from this life or some past lives. When combined with past life regression, this becomes an effective tool to working towards well-being.

Life script

The rules you write for your style of living based on your experience - I should do this, I should not do this, it becomes of me if I do this, and it does not become of me if I do this - are your life scripts. It is often influenced by the way you have been rewarded or punished when you were young, and didn�t have much control over the world you lived in. sometimes, you carry scripts that had been written not in this birth, but in your previous lives.

Hypno-Therapeutic regression will help you pinpoint which script is causing you problems or disturbing you, and you with the therapist can rewrite the script to better and happier living. Much of the pain and misery that happens to us are caused by us, by our sense of guilt. A therapist can help you shrive your guilt.