Alternate Therapy - THERAPEUTIC YOGA

Therapeutic Yoga brings together the most powerful yoga tools like asana, mudra, pranayama, mantra, yoga nidra and meditation in a perfectly integrated form directed towards specific groups or individuals. Therapeutic yoga creates a comprehensive learning experience in your journey towards better health and wellness. If you are recovering from or living with any illness or injury, therapeutic yoga is highly effective. This process of yoga blends restorative yoga with breath work, hands-on healing, guided meditation techniques and gentle postures to help you bring a balance into your body, thereby reducing stress. Therapeutic yoga gives you the ammunition to acquire deeper wisdom and to move away from the constant stressors in life.

Therapeutic yoga sessions in Chennai offer you the opportunity to integrate creative yoga processes into an effective learning and healing experience. Therapy through yoga helps to reduce stress and infection, and improves bodily resistance. Therapeutic yoga calms the nervous system and improves respiration and circulation. It can be highly beneficial for relieving muscular tension and improves various organ functions. By practicing therapeutic yoga regularly, bone mass, muscular strength, body balance and coordination, and a wide range of body motion can be improved.

The best yoga therapists in Chennai can help you alleviate the stress and depression encountered because of mood disorders, chronic pain, back problems, osteoporosis, and many stress related illnesses like PTSD. It also helps in the disorders like arthritis, cancer related stress, prenatal stress, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. At JNANA GANGA, we bring the ancient insights of yoga into various wellness programs. Through these integrated wellness programs, the unity of body, mind and spirit can be achieved. Yoga can help us achieve health promotion at physical, emotional and spiritual levels simultaneously. Therapeutic yoga programs can be arranged for corporate offices, groups of people and individuals according to their respective needs. Therapeutic yoga brings in new vision of wellness, which can transform your life and career.

As yoga takes on an impactful role in our modern life, it has been recognised as a powerful vehicle to promote wellness, healing and personal transformation. Yoga deepens the vision of health, by unifying body, mind and spirit. It is the perfect medium for overall healing, awakening and personal growth. Therapeutic yoga helps in the recovery from stress, fatigue, and recovery from injury or illness. Get rid of everyday stress and encourages positive attitude towards life and the world. Release the tension and rejuvenate your life through the most effective therapeutic yoga from the professional yoga experts in Chennai. Invite comfort and wellness along with true healing into your life through therapeutic yoga.