Trauma occurs when the body or mind is under the overwhelming influence of traumatic events. Depending on the personality and type of person, trauma can be a subjective experience. Certain events, which cause extensive stress to one person, may barely affect certain others. In other words, trauma can cause excessive stress and overwhelm the physical and mental ability to cope. Emotional and physical trauma can occur together or separately. Psychological trauma can last for many years, and cause devastating effects if left unresolved.

The traumatic event itself may not be the actual cause of psychological trauma. The internal reaction of a person, to that particular event, determines the intensity of their trauma. The reaction of each person depends directly on their coping skills, history and emotional stability at that particular time. It is a known fact that traumatic event causes physical changes to the structure and functional capabilities of the brain. Generally, traumatic events could be categorized as single-incident or onetime events, and long-term or repeated traumas. One of the major results of long-term trauma is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Counseling for Trauma

Whether it is a major or minor traumatic experience, professional help always benefits the person going through the trauma. Getting help as soon as required, helps you overcome the issues, and gives you the strength to move on in life. Some major causes of trauma could be abuse, violence, catastrophic events, accidents, terminal illness or bereavement. Some common symptoms of trauma could be insomnia, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, stress, anger, self-medication, loss of self-esteem, and emotional detachment. The longer the symptoms go untreated, the more psychological damage they are likely to cause. It is important to work with the best counselors in Chennai, where you can resolve the troubling situations and their impact on your life. The psychology doctor uses relaxation techniques, assurance, desensitization, re-education followed in the ancient texts of atharva veda from the Indian system of psychotherapy.

At JNANA GANGA, the professionally trained counselors understand your apprehensions, and identify the causes of the traumatic experience correctly. They help you manage and cope with the symptoms of a trauma and teach you techniques to calm yourself. They help you with various methods that manage the symptoms of trauma and focus on the resolution of the originating emotions and feelings. Trauma counselors give you the necessary coping skills to face the future, and imbibe a sense of security and safety.