Past Life Therapy - Vasanas or Engrams

Whatever we experience, good or bad, leaves a memory trace. In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, the word Vasana is used to describe the memory trace. The intensity of the experience will energize the memory. Weak memories fade, and do not influence us as much as the strong ones. Traumatic experiences can hurt us, and stunt our emotional and spiritual growth. Unless we free ourselves us of such influences, we cannot lead a free and full life now. We cannot say how long it will take in the natural course of time to work on such memories and get over them.

The best past life regression therapists in Chennai help you work with these memories to enrich your life. Well-researched past life therapy, and the guidance of the expert past life regression therapist are essential for a guided approach to this natural cure therapy. Past life regression therapy in Chennai through the well known experts help you tide over your difficult situations.