Foreign Energy Dynamics - Why spirits remain among us?

We have come across several reasons for why certain entities remain tied to the lower astral or material plane, rather than completing their transitions to the spiritual world. The most usual are ignorance, confusion, fear of going to hell and obsessive attachments to living persons or places, or addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, food or sex. Also a misguided sense of unfinished business often compels spirits to stay in the physical world. Some remain determined to get revenge. Entities can remain tied to the material plane due to the attachment with a place.

Since one of the strongest ties that bound spirits to the physical world was addiction (Alcohol, drugs, sex, smoking) we have seen patients, who were addicted to these substances usually open doors to these energy bubbles to pass through their weak aura or cracks within the body. This explains why crowded bars or wine shops are a fertile ground for these energy forms.

Some spirits remain earthbound since they do not realize they were dead. This is true where people do not experience a normal death.

Over attachment to the living family members could also make entities remain earthbound.

Whatever may be the reason for their extended stay in the earth plane; all these entities continue to experience their previous attitudes, prejudices, addictions, skills, interests, fears and hang-ups. Most of them remain confused, helpless, depressed and traumatized.