Counseling : Work Related Stress

Work related stress can affect the health of the employees, along with the overall productivity of the organization. Work related stress can arise due to various types of work demands, which exceed the person�s coping capability and capacity. It is also another form of stress that is caused by something that happens at work. Though challenging environments are good to achieve great results, it might affect the health, if the challenges are more than what a body can cope. As a result, the body and mind start to suffer. Stress, as a natural response can be useful, however, in excess can be unhealthy, and cause great devastation to the body. Some of the health issues that a body might face due to excessive stress are headaches, depression and high blood pressure.

Some of the signs that you are suffering from work related stress are:

Heart palpitations
Muscular tension
Dermatological disorders
Gastrointestinal upsets

Other psychological symptoms include depression, anxiety, irritability, pessimism, feelings of being overwhelmed, unable to cope, discouragement, and other cognitive difficulties. Some of the behavioural symptoms include aggression, diminished creativity and initiative, decrease in work performance levels, mood swings, problems in interpersonal relationships, lower levels of tolerance, frustration, impatience, isolation and disinterest.

Counseling for work related stress

If you think you are suffering from work related stress, it is important that you seek professional help. Though initially the stress you feel might seem natural, but if left untreated, may lead to other mentioned complications. The work you do should make you feel good. It is normal to feel tired, stressed or emotionally drained on some days, but if these feelings are persistent and occur every day, then you are wearing yourself out. Before work stress leads to other complications like low self-esteem, low self-confidence, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, seek professional help from the best counselors in Chennai.

Stress at the work station can result from inter personal relationships , undue work pressure and over emphasized demands causing discomfort and disorientation. Counsellors can aid by means of the Indian system of Sankalpa that is self determination and auto suggestion as a means to overcome stress and increase the levels of confidence.

At JNANA GANGA, the counselors are professional and help you realize the root cause of the problem. Do not let work stress cause problems in your personal life. It might also lead to other addictions like drinking, overeating, smoking and sleep deprivation. The counselors at JNANA GANGA will help you explore your unique patterns of behaviour and thinking, to help you understand your feelings more clearly. By addressing these issues at the inception can help you lower the risk of it developing into a more serious problem.