Alternative Therapies - Yogabhishak

Yogic Therapy can be learnt and administered by people just as any other system of medicine. He who cures through yogic therapy is called Yogabhishek ( The Doctor of Yogic Treatment). �Bhishek� is a Sanskrit term equilent to Doctor in English.

1. Yogabhishek must be a man of vibrant health. He must as it were, radiate rays of health; he must have no chronic diseases or ailments or disorders.

2. Yogabhishek must have sufficient basic knowledge of physiology, anatomy and pathology under allopathic or ayurvedic system. It�s better if he has a basic grounding in the essentials of modern medical science.

3. He must be well versed in the practice of Yogasanas and have a good knowledge of pranayama and experience of breath control

4. The Yogabhishek must have very good knowledge of dietetics and he must himself be one who takes in his daily life the natural, substantial and healthy diet.

5. Yogabhishek should never be addicted to tobacco in any form like snuffing, smoking or chewing. He must also be a teetotaler eschewing liquors, coffee, tea and narcotics.

6. He must have a good knowledge of massage, transference and regulation of personal magnetism, psycho analysis and psychic therapy and divine healing.

7. Yogabhishek must be one who must in his life practice the two fundamental basis of Raja Yoga viz., Yama and Niyama.