Alternative Therapies - Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy benefits health in many ways and has had therapeutic applications from thousands of years. Yoga is emerging as a unique discipline, with more health care practitioners applying it to their healing approach. Because of the increased awareness and proposed benefits, yoga has been a part of many treatment plans in today�s medicine. It is important that we understand the benefits of yoga therapy, when done under supervision and proper care. Health is not restricted to physical well being alone. It is also related to the mental, spiritual and emotional state of a body. When all these are in perfect harmony, we experience great amount of happiness. Yoga is one of the most sacred, and ancient traditions known to humanity. It has the power to show you ways of acquiring perfect mind control and perfect physical health.

There are many reported benefits of practicing yoga in the long term. Many yoga practitioners claim to have improvement in the musculoskeletal and mental health. Asthmatics have found benefits because of some specific yoga practices. The three basic principles of yoga, namely exercise, meditation and breathing, make it highly beneficial for the heart disease patients. Overall, based on many studies, yoga on a long term basis, has beneficial effects on heart disease, reduces high blood pressure, enhances cardiac rehabilitation, reduces the risk factors associated with lower cardiovascular systems, etc. Patients suffering from the problems with lower back have found to have many benefits. Lower back treatment is one of the prominent treatments that is quite popular all over the world.

In cancer patients, yoga has been instrumental in reducing the depression, pain and stress. It is also known to control the anxiety through a program that integrates the mind and body. Many patients have experienced better quality of life, positive effects on sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety and noticed spiritual growth within them. Yoga has also showed good results in reducing the inflammation caused by the therapies used in cancer treatment. Patients practicing yoga are generally not depressed, are in a better mood and show low signs of fatigue. Many researchers have considered yoga to be an alternative treatment for arthritis. A session combined with exercises and breathing techniques showed a lot of improvement in the disease control and quality of life. Yoga reduces the stress in schizophrenia patients, which is usually associated with stress-related relapse and cognitive deficits. Yoga has positive effect on the cognitive functions and the patients showed improvement in their occupational and social functions. This also has a positive effect on the overall quality of life. In the Hindu tradition, yoga is known to provide many psychological benefits. A person who practices yoga regularly is known to develop control over the body and the mind. This encourages healthy mind through the regular practicing of meditative techniques advocated by Yoga.

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